Some Appetite

By Staff

Amos L. Ebersol, R. D. 2, Narvon, Pennsylvania, gives a report
of the appetite of the 1957 Rough & Tumble Engineers, Kinzers,
Pennsylvania, and released to him by the Secretary

45 Dozen Eggs

7524 bottles soda drinks

762 ice cream popsicles

1050 ice cream dixie cups

43818 half pints white milk

179 qts. white milk

1956 half pints chocolate milk

980 half pints orange drink

800 lbs. potatoes

22 bags of sweet corn

50 lbs. of butter

43 lbs. cheese

160 lbs. hamburger meat

4650 hot dogs

160 lbs. boiled ham

77 lbs. smoked ham

250 lbs. rolled beef

100 lbs. onions

194 loaves of bread

3696 fran fort rolls

1692 hamburg rolls

342 pies

70 lbs. coffee

Amos says, ‘consumed in the three days of steam sport and
fellowship enjoyed by many people, old and young. The young see
things to open their eyes and the older recall their younger days.
Once you are soaked with sulphur coal smoke and hot cylinder oil
you are soaked for life.’

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