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Mr. Willard M. Jackson

R. D. 3, Eleva, Wis. The letter is self-explanatory and we think
the idea is good. 

I promised you at Pontiac, Ill., last year that I would send you
a picture of a tombstone of one of Wisconsin’s prominent
threshermen and steam engine enthusiasts.

As I promised for the ALBUM and I did not have a print that
could be reproduced for the ALBUM I had to send for the gloss
prints of that nature, and being rather slow have just gotten
around to sending it to you. But due to the fact that it has been
slow in coming it is now like the old engines, it cannot be
replaced as the stone now has ’53’ engraved on it. Mr.
Moser passed away April 7, 1953. He told me last fall when I
visited him in the hospital, there were 26 different thresh rigs
now on the runs he used to call his. Mr. Moser threshed for 62
years, starting when he was 19 years old. He asked to have a
whistle buried with him and the wish was granted. He had the stone
erected 20 years ago and is in the cemetery at Fountain City,

I have a Case ’80’ No. 35824 in fine condition. Enclosed
please find check for my renewal of the ALBUM.

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