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Anna Mae

Well, here goes I have somewhat of a problem as it is only the
third week of October and I must have my column ready today for the
Jan.- Feb. issue which will be going out to you good folks in a few
weeks. There are times when I am a very garrulous person, but now
when I have the space for it I can’t think of much to say;
probably in the summer issues when we need the space in the
magazine for other things I’ll not be able to stop gabbing I
know some of you are saying ‘A’int that just like a
woman?’) Oddly enough though, I haven’t seen a woman yet
that gabs anymore than a couple of men when they get on a favorite
subject such as shall we say Steam, Reunions, Etc.

I don’t know of what importance it is but maybe some of you
people haven’t realized I’ve been a member of your family
for over a year now as I started with the ALBUM Sept. 16, 1957, see
how time flies! I’ve enjoyed it, worked hard, learned to know
some wonderful people, jus: through your letters, made my amp.
share of mistakes, been initiated at my first Reunion (I hope not
the last one) at Kinzers, and am hoping to do better in the
forthcoming year.

I’m just thinking that when you read this it will be getting
close to Christmas and everyone will have that happy generous
feeling (the on we all forget too soon after Christmas is over),
excitement will be in the air and everyone’s glad they were
privileged to visit this place called Earth for awhile. But right
now my thoughts are of football games, Algebra, Latin, dances,
hunting (this is my 15 year old son’s world in which I’m
very interested) and then of course, Girl Scouts, Choir, Parties,
report cards, new styles, etc. (I’m kept on my toes in this
direction from our 10 year old daughter) and of course Halloween,
Santa Claus, toys, questions, games, etc., from our four year old
son and 2 year old little girl. So you see I can find things to
talk about, but I’m afraid they won’t be of the interest
you’re waiting for I’d be letting off a lot of steam, but
the wet kind. Perhaps you might get a chuckle to know I like to go
hunting with Hubby, Ed and son Eddie. That starts in a few days and
although I haven’t been able to go for a few years, they’re
going to be real patient and kind and take me along this year. Hope
I get a few bunnies or squirrels so I don’t embarrass them too

Well, I’ve rambled on enough and I didn’t mean to ever
talk of myself and family as I don’t feel that’s what you
want to read, but forgive me this time and I could end with this
poem which will perhaps aid us all as we go into 1959. It’s
called ‘THE UNTRIED YEAR’. With mingling trust and hope and

I bid thee welcome, untried year; The paths before me pause to
Which shall I shun and which pursue
I view thee now with serious eye;
I see dear hopes and treasures fly,
Behold thee on they opening wing
Now grief, now joy, now sorrow
bring, God grant me my course to run,
With one blest prayer His will be

Elizabeth Payson Prentiss

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