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Well, here I am once more searching for something to write to
you folks. It’s a beautiful day here, just crisp enough to make
you glad to be alive and the leaves rustle as you walk through
them, that’s a wonderful sound and the smell of leaves burning
just makes me glad that we have the four seasons here in this
section of the country. I enjoy each one.

Just think this is for the Jan-Feb issue of 1962 and I’ve
barely gotten the Halloween costumes and gadgets put away for
another season. It’s a season not much anticipated by the
adults, but I’m convinced, it is thoroughly enjoyed by the
younger set which makes it all worth while.

Had a short letter from Leonard E. Newton of 1427 Elm St.,
Grinnell, Iowa who sent in his renewal as he says ‘to pay my
subscription for one more year. Year by year, the time goes by,
doesn’t it?? You and I have lived in a good period of time,
haven’t we?? And I am very thankful to our ‘Great
Creator’ for it and am sure you are too.’ I just thought it
would be nice to insert this it just seemed to fit in with
Thanksgiving coming up.

Had a letter from Hugh Chisholm of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Hugh
says he is starting another Reunion with a new bunch of fellows
altogether a hundred miles north at Blythe, twenty miles east of
Goderich on the east shore of Lake Huron. He expects this will be
the fourth organization in Western Ontario next year. Blythe will
be in a very central place and in a fairground which is always an
advantage. Hugh is also President of the Western Ontario Steam
Threshers Association. He helped to start that one, but gave to
Charles Spicer the credit of the true originator of said
organization. So you see, the organizations are growing each year,
and each new one that pops up surely means there is growing
enthusiasm of the hobby of Steam.

Also in a letter from William N. Murphy of 2334 N. Tarth St.,
West Palm Beach, Florida he says someone asked the question
‘Why is there no good old-time smell to the steam lubricating
oil anymore?’ Bill says it used to be 75% animal fat or plain
tallow which gave it that delicious odor. Did you know that ??

That’s going to be it for this time except for a few quotes
Always try to drive so that your license will expire before you
do….. This would be a fine world if all men showed as much
patience all the time as they do when waiting for a fish to
bite…..Don’t itch for something that you’re not willing
to scratch for …. We should judge not until we see clearly; and
when we see clearly, we will not judge.

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