-Soot in the Flues-

HI! TO ALL YOU wonderful folks of the IRON-MEN ALBUM family I
already feel as though I know some of you, by name, anyhow. And I
want to tell you right now, it’s been a pleasure working with
the folks of the ALBUM and all you fine people who write to us,
although I’m just a greenhorn yet for I only started working in

Most of you know or feel you know Elmer, and let me tell you
he’s just as fine a boss as he is in person. The only thing,
when he asked me to write a column for the ALBUM, I sort of
hesitated for when it comes to steam and the like, I must admit
about all I know is how to spell it. Perhaps that’s a start.
Therefore, I chose the title for the column ‘Soot in the
Flues’ for anything I’d try to say concerning the workings
of this wonderful steam hobby would just be like cloggin’ the
flues with soot.— However, if you’re patient with me, I might
get the hang of the vocabulary and educate myself in this field I
do think I’ll enjoy it.

I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting Jim Roberts from
McLean, Illinois, who stopped over to visit Elmer and family while
he was attending a stock show in Harrisburg. I also chatted with
Prof. Eiffel Plasterer and wife Inez, of Huntington, Indiana, when
they visited with the Ritzmans in December. Fine people, most
interesting and the owners of 8 engines.

Also I was quite thrilled to receive a personal letter from
Ralph Fuller of Minneapolis, Kansas, and now feel I know him as a
friend. There’s a fine picture of Ralph and his remarkable
little engine in the Nov.-Dec. issue.

I do want to say to you people who have had trouble perhaps in
receiving your magazine or problems of another sortforgive us or me
but you must understand there has been a complete change-over in
the office since Karl’s death, even to a different town and it
will take time to re-establish it here; there will be errors and
there have been already. We will do everything in our power to
correct any errors. Each of your letters is handled personally, and
I’m sure the problems can be ironed out. Just don’t get
angrynothing good is ever accomplished through anger, and after all
we certainly don’t want to make mistakes or offend you good
folks in any way.

Well, I guess I’ve rambled on enough for the first timeI
might let you know, I like poetry and quotes and you may be seeing
some of them, and may I leave you with this thought

Half the world is on the wrong scent in the pursuit of
happiness. They think it consists of having and getting, and in
being served by others. Happiness consists of giving and serving.
Henry Drummond……Bye Bye and Keep Smiling.

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