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Well the New Year is upon us and I for one hope I’ll be a
better person in many ways this year than last – how about you??
When I start thinking of resolutions. I have myself pretty well
torn apart and the list looks pretty long;, but I try and tackle
some of the more prominent tasks to work on to better myself so I
can help some brother along the way, but when the end of the veer
comes around again -I really wonder if I’ve improved -well at
least I’ll keep trying and I guess that’s something I think
it was Andrew Mellon who said ‘Wherever you find a mistake –
there is evidence that someone was trying to do something’ well
like I said I’ll keep trying.

Do hope you had as lovely a Christmas Season as we had – we
could have had more leisure time to enjoy the Holidays but then I
guess if things weren’t going their hectic merry way around
here all the time it wouldn’t seem right! My hubby was home for
Christmas to carve the turkey and our children’s smiling faces
and hungry tummies were all on time at the table and of course we
were so happy our eldest son and our new daughter-in-law. Kathleen,
could be with us – they spent Christmas Eve with her folks in
Bangor and then they got up about 5 a.m. and I know that was hard
to do and came down to Harrisburg – to spend Christmas with us and
they wanted to be here for all the Christmas morning excitement and
they arrived about 8 – they spent a few days with us (too few) but
we’re thankful for what time we do have together. Grandma was
here too and we were sorry Kathi’s parents couldn’t be with
us. but we all joined hands at the Christmas table as the blessing
was said and you know – that’s a wonderful thing to do – try it
some time. Out of all the hurry scurry-crazy commercial, happy
holiday and yes by all means the Blessed Season of our
Saviour’s Birth – this was one of our most cherished moments –
we were all in one circle of love holding hands and my innermost
prayer that we will recapture that moment many years with always
room for another in our circle of love. These are the events that
make our lives worth while and help us to face other moments not so
happy. but here I am rambling on again about my clan-just can’t
help it folks-I love ’em. Little Tommie’s face was aglow
with the true shining light that seems to radiate from all
children’s faces when they behold the tree and the glitter –
truly the angels smile through the faces of the little ones.
Enough! next thing I’ll have the column all tear-spotted and
the ink will run. – Do have a wonderful year of 1966 – and it’s
my pleasure to help you if I am able to in any way.

I do have an excerpt from one letter this time from Frank J.
Burris, Route 1. Box 1015, Yucaipa, California. Frank writes:
‘I should like to comment on Mr. H. E. Clark’s inquiry on
page 17 of the Nov.-Dec. 1965 issue (One Californian can’t let
another down). Yes, at least one Corliss engine was fitted with a
reverse gear. The Giant Nordberg Corliss double cross-compound
steam engine on the original Ellison hoist of the Homestake Mining
Company in Lead, South Dakota was reversed on every operation. A
pair of cross-compound cylinders was mounted in a hugh ‘V’
with another set. each on a separate hoisting drum. These
direct-connected drums and crankshafts were then side-rod connected
like a locomotive. This engine stood about three stories high, and
as I recollect was rated at approximately 2000 ho. This made it
about the largest, or second largest Corliss in the world. I have
ridden on her cage, and the descent to the 2000 foot level seemed
to take only several seconds at 60 miles per hour. This wonderful
engine was later replaced with an electric hoist. Yes. Mr. Clark. I
was there. And it always stopped right on the dot!!’

Our Gas Engine Magazine is coming along better than we had
thought, but we hope you will all be patient with us and give us a
little time to grow -right now you know, it’s an infant and it
must learn to creep before it can walk and then run – you know what
I mean – it’s pretty small compared to Iron-Man but give it
time. We see so many of your names coming into join in our new
venture and we welcome you – your letters – stories and etc. and
complaints – we do hope they’re constructive though.

For the New Year Give us the strength to encounter that which is
to come, that we may be brave in peril, constant in tribulation,
temperate in wrath, and in all changes of fortune and down to the
gates of death, loyal and loving one to another-ROBERT LOUIS

And be ye jolly! ‘Laugh and the word laughs with you, Weep
and you weep alone; For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth,
But has trouble enough of its own.


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