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Since the May-June issue comes out early in April perhaps we
could get the Easter Bunny to deliver it. The kids would surely
like that wouldn’t they?? On the more solemn side do hope you
have been having an enriching Lenten season. It’s a good time
for us to take inventory of our spiritual life and do some
reconditioning for our lives and others. It’s so easy for us to
become lax on our religious obligations I don’t think we mean
too I even think sometimes we get to feeling pretty pompous and
think we are pretty good, but if we take a deep look into ourselves
I believe we can all find shortcomings and see we are pretty far
from the goal of perfection which we should always be striving to

In January, after squaring things away here at home to see the
family was taken care of Father and I went to East Stroudsburg to
see our eldest son graduate from college and it was a most
rewarding experience. Through the years he has been there we’ve
seen and shared his joys and sorrows, disillusionments and honors,
trials and successes and then all of a sudden there you are sitting
in the auditorium of the College and the graduation exercises begin
in come the professors in all their array of robes quite
impressive, as there are many colors accenting the black robes for
each color designates a different field of education. You listen to
the introductions of dignitaries and you are aware you are
privileged to hear an excellent speaker giving the address to these
young men and women. Then the procession of eager ‘advocates of
the future’ begins as each individual steps forward
enthusiastically to grasp that ‘sheepskin’ they have
struggled and labored for in the many months past. Our hearts were
full of love and pride as our son stepped forward to receive his
diploma (for just a moment he was again a babe in my arms, a
toddler, a first-grader a little boy bringing Mommy home a gift
from everywhere he went, a Midget Baseball player, a youngster ill
with the childhood diseases that made us panic inwardly many a
time, a Band student, then a football and basketball player, later
Captain, Class President and on and on I could go, like any proud
mother. We had our unhappy moments as any family does, but the
happy times far outweigh those and all we can say is ‘Thank you
God, for giving us this privilege of having and raising such a fine
son, and being able to see him clear through graduation’. We
are so grateful, for many people never know that joy. Just hope we
make it through with the rest of the children that’s a lot of
goodness to ask from the Lord after all we have had, but it’s
worth a try and somehow I think we just might make it.) Hey look
how I got off on a life history and left Eddie up in the paragraph
holding the diploma. Well, it was a wonderful event for us and one
of our most cherished memories now. That wonderful graduate is now
teaching and going to school also, and plans to go all summer
towards his ‘Masters’. His wife is also teaching and
working toward her degree. If this couple is an example of ‘the
hands that are molding the future of our country’ then I’m
not worried. Well, I guess it’s not quite that easy to solve
the problems of the world, but folks like these are an inspiration

A letter from J. B. Ellmaker of Fair-field, Iowa and he writes,
‘I would like to read more about the performance and economy of
over-mounted steam jacketed traction engines and, or, lorries of
the Foden type. Their makers seem to have been extremely reticent
about this date.’ Any helpers on this subject??

Well, the Reunion ads and announcements are flowing in, so I
know you folks are getting ‘steamed up’ and can hardly wait
to start making the rounds of the ‘Shows’ and before you
know it that time will be here. So no need to tell you to have a
good time I know you will!

And for a few quotes Remember the poorest man in the world is
the man who has nothing but money Gossip is the art of saying
nothing and leaving nothing unsaid There is a high cost for low
living Faith is not believing that God can; it is knowing that he

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