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Well, it’s one of those dismal gray wet soggy chilly days –
part snowing and part raining – one of those days most everyone
looks out and says ‘Oh, isn’t it awful, it makes you feel
like you don’t want to do anything!’ These kind of days
have a lot to do with people’s attitudes – many folks are much
more unhappy and depressed and moody and not very pleasant to get
along with – I know I’ve even been that way at times, but you
know as I get older I’m learning to appreciate the days more,
no matter what the weather is – I firmly believe every day is good
for something and if you just look around a little you can find
many blessings to offset the bad weather. The wet slosh is good for
the ground to make our food grow that we all indulge in too much
and the wet gray day makes us appreciate all the more the beautiful
balmy sunny days – they’re on the way, so cheer up and get
those engines polished and all the details attended to so
you’ll be ready bright and early to get to the Reunions and

And to help cheer you I have two stories that were sent along in
one of Lewis H. Cline’s letter (1102 S. River Rd. Battle Creek,
Michigan 49017), Lewis writes quite a few interesting letters and
he had this inserted in one and I’ve kept it for the column. It
goes: ‘He was pitching bundles of wheat on a wagon down on the
back forty next to the river. On opening up one of the shocks he
ran on to a rattlesnake which struck at him and missed, hitting the
fork handle instead. The fork handle started swelling up and he ran
up to the tool shed and got the cross-cut saw and believe it or
not, he sawed up three cords of wood out of that fork handle.
‘AND THE OTHER’ The weather was extremely hot. On one side
of the fence was a herd of cows and on the other a field of
pop-corn. It got so hot it popped that pop-corn and the cows saw it
and thought it was snow and froze to death.’ AND then he added
‘The foregoing is in answer to Gotleib. The Blocksmit.’ I
don’t quite understand that last statement but I enjoyed the
stories – they must have been material from ‘The Liars
Club’ but thought you might get a chuckle.

We’ve been getting a lot of show reports lately and
we’re trying to get them in but I really thing it would be to
the Club’s advantage to get the reports in as soon after the
show as possible as right now folks are looking forward to the new
ones instead of last year’s get together.

There is an article on a Taylor Dry Portable Steam Engine in
this issue – I’ve never heard of one and thought it interesting
– I think the thing that gets me is the word ‘dry’ in here
– it just doesn’t seem to me to be right, but it surely must
be, as it is used many times.

Also there is an article and short story on a railroad owned by
a man that once was a hobo – it’s rather interesting and after
reading it, I’d love to know how much it cost him just to get
the engine transported to his place. But there is something else
when Monte Holm sent this article in, he enclosed a card with his
picture and he was running for Councilman in his town and on the
back of the card was, I think, an unusual write up of himself and I
want to quote it for you It goes ‘Vote for Real Experience! 1.
Hobo and Sheep-herder from age 13 to 19 years, which is wonderful
experience to learn the value of the dollar. 2. Started in the junk
business with ten cents, at age 19, and have made a success out of
things people throw away. 3. I have a lot at stake in Moses Lake
and want the opportunity to work for the betterment of our city. 4.
I am past president of nothing but have the distinction of being
made the first Honorary Member of Theta Chi Fraternity since its
origin in 1919, at Washington State University on Nov. 10, 1963.
For an ex hobo and sheep herder this is indeed an honor.’ And
then on the bottom of his letter, he wrote, ‘P.S. I won the
election by two to one and will be on the city council till
1970.’ Now, I don’t know Monte but you must admit the
statements on the back of his campaign card are quite unusual and
certainly must have impressed more persons than me.

Another unusual item of interest is the write up entitled
‘Elwood Historical Club Group to Attend Steam Show In
England’ – this is something that I’m sure has been
discussed many times with many people and quite a few dream of
something like this and now it is to become a reality to some
thirty members of the club – a fifteen day trip to Scotland and
England. I think this is the first time members of a steam group
have traveled together to attend a live steam show abroad.
We’ll probably be hearing from them upon their return and we
wish them a wonderful exciting and educational trip.

Well, that about winds it up for now and as I said at the
beginning every day is good for something and mine was made
especially happy for just a bit ago the phone rang and it was our
eldest son – made my day quite happy as we live too far away to
visit often or phone too frequently.

And in closing do hope you are experiencing a fruitful Lenten
Season and will be rewarded with Easter Joy as the Sunday
approaches quite speedily and remember Joy is multiplied when you
share it. The best thing about the future it that it only comes one
day at a time.  It is when we forget ourselves that we do
things that are remembered. A smile is a curve that can set a lot
of things straight. A pint of example is worth a thousand

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