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Well, I’ve been initiated, by golly I attended one day of
the Kinzers Rough and Tumble Reunion, had a wonderful time, met a
lot of you nice people, learned what the ‘teeter-totter’
is, saw a lot of the different makes of engines and had quite a
thrilling experience driving a traction engine (well, at least they
left me think I was doing it). Some nice Joe there had a Peerless
engine and Elmer and I crawled up on it and took a ride with the
owner’s permission. Elmer said, ‘Now push the lever
forward’ that was to put us in reverse. I said ‘No, you do
it.’ But Elmer insisted, so I followed the boss’s
instructions. Next he said, ‘Now, pull on the throttle.’ I
did, real gently you know, and nothing happened, so I give her a
hard pull and we went just like rabbit gasoline in a car with a big
jump. Some fell on the sidelines hollered ‘Hey, lady, that
arn’t a car you’re drivin’ ‘ I soon found that out.
Sure was a lot of fun though, and you know I can see how you people
become enthused, even though I know very little about this hobby.
Sort of makes you feel just like you imagine a little boy feels
when he puts on his first cowboy suit. Well, as I said, I had a lot
of fun, and that was my vacation for the summer can’t say as I
learned too much though, so I guess there’ll still be a lot of
Soot in the Flues.

Met some other nice people this summer back around the end of
May Mr. Alf Eldon and his wife and three of his children stopped by
just to see us for a little while, they were enroute to Norway for
a three months vacation. They make their home in Oslo, Minnesota.
We enjoyed speaking with them and hope their summer was a happy

Then a newcomer to the ALBUM family in the person of Frank J.
Dilda, Columbus Road, Bedford, Ohio, stopped in July 9 and joined
up with us. Hope you are enjoying the magazine Frank. It was nice
meeting you.

And Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Lindsay of 9002 Rangely Ave., Los Angeles
48, California, dropped in to shake hands while passing through
this way on vacation. Hope you all had happy times this summer and
are looking forward to a busy winter.

Had several nice letters from Ralph Fuller, Minneapolis, Kansas
don’t give up hopes Ralph, I’ll get them answered one of
these days. Ralph flies an airplane besides being interested in
traction engines and in one of his letters he told me he named his
airplane after me (really had me up in the air). I was real pleased
about that, and no kidding about it that’s about as high as my
name will ever get. (and that’s a lot further than I ever

And now before I sign off, a little poem that has so much

They say the world is round,
And yet, it must be square;
So many little hurts we get
From corners here and there.
We flatter those we scarcely know,
We please the fleeting guest,
And deal full many a thoughtless blow
To those we love the best.

Walker Log

And in closing may I wish each of you a Happy Hallowe’en, a
Blessed Thanks giving and a Joyous Christmas

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