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Well, I hate to be the one to say it, but the Steam Engine
season is drawing to a close for another year. Of course, this
gives one a lot of time to ponder over the shows just past and
dream of the Reunions of 1964-which of course will be bigger and
better. And then, of course, some of you folks that have your own
engines and the room to fire them up and run them can still enjoy
them for a long time, but for those folks who must get the thrills
of ‘steam’ from attending the shows the show is about over
for 1963, they will have to rely on their memories for enjoyment of
their favorite hobby and we hope, the ALBUM helps out in this

Had a letter from Melvin Kestler of 10104 Comanche Road N.E.,
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87111 and he says, ‘Have been
associated with the Antique Engine & Threshers Association of
Bird City, Kansas from its inception. Sure hated to move and leave
behind my antique engine friends. They are the finest group of men
and women that I ever have had the pleasure to associate with. Left
my complete Case outfit at Bird City. It is on the farms of Mrs.
Roy Kite and Chester Sawyer. Have a late 65 Case engine which is
completely restored and also a restored Case water wagon. The Case
40′ Separator is partially restored. Would like to make the
acquaintance of any antique engine fans in the Albuquerque area
with the idea of moving my outfit to Albuquerque.’ We hope
someone will see this and get acquainted with Melvin and they can
discuss this hobby to their hearts content.

And from our old friend ‘Casey’ Jones (S. C. Jones, Box
21, Wichita 1, Kansas) comes this request: ‘For sometime, we
have wanted to have someone tell what caused Compound Engines to go
out; Compound boomed-even on the railroad from 1892 to 1910 then
fizzled out. WHY?? that is the great question?? Leroy Blaker and
Lucille, still believe the sun rises and should have never set on
compound. Several good men of engineering mind could come out with
the plain facts why the idea flopped’ so let’s hear from
you if you care to comment on this question.

And now that summer is over (and where did it go so fast you can
tell I’m aging with that kind of remark) the children are all
back in school and more or less into a system again but oddly
enough I don’t seem to have any more time than I did when they
were all home there is always some thing to be preparing for
clothes for school outfits for Halloween coming up PTA activities,
sports, clubs, house cleaning Christmas who said that already well
this is the Nov. Dec. issue and I had to mention it.

I don’t know about you, but I miss the children when the
school bells ring not only mine but all around the neighborhood has
an awful silence, the backyards look like a football field after
the game just the remains of a happy time are there the swings are
still and the toys remain in place sort of sad, but we would not
want it any other way. Something else sad this year is the fact of
no more Bible reading in school I think it’s sad oh, I know the
child should get his religious training at home and at church, but
it seems like such an old American custom, one of the nicer ones,
and our country was founded on the basis of freedom of religion and
I guess by taking it out of the schools that is what the courts
still think they are doing giving the people ‘freedom of
religion’ but I can’t quite see it that way. I just wonder
if this ‘ban the Bible reading’ is a wedge which will open
the door for more of our beautiful customs and beliefs to go out of
existence. It seems terrible this is one of the things that must be
tramped down in our march of progress or could it be regress?

Well, I guess I’ve rambled on enough for now, so until the
next time I’ll leave with a few thoughts Respect is what we
owe, love is what we give It is not your ability as much as your
availability that counts with God. Minds are like parachutes not
much good unless they are open We would all be successful if we
followed the advice we gave to other Make friends before you need
them. Bye Bye and May you have a Blessed Thanks giving we still do
have many things for which to be thankful.

Sincerely, Anna Mae

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