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Another summer is but a handful of memories now and the children
are back at their desks in school – all fairly settled after their
first week – Keli is in fifth and Donnie is now going out to Jr.
High, 7th grade, a big step in a young man’s life – I do
declare he’s matured a bit already in just these few days. Our
big fella, Eddie, is of course teaching school and I’m sure
‘up to his neck’ in work and loving it – Dana is off to
Beauty school every morning and our little Tommie who just turned 2
yesterday, Sept. 11 is at the moment sitting on my lap as I try to
type out this column to you folks which once again puts me in the
‘school of patience’ and of course little Tommie is
learning something new every day towards his future. Our
daughter-in-law, Kathleen is keeping the home fires burning this
fall, she is doing real well as they await the arrival of the first
child – and then she can apply all her teaching ability for many
years to come. Father is still running engines and I guess you
could say he is still in the ‘school of hard knocks’ – all
in all as you can well guess we are happy and eagerly looking
forward to the year upcoming.

I have a letter from Emil Martzahn of Greene, Iowa and he writes
us: On page 58 of the Sept.-Oct. copy of Iron-Men the engine of Mr.
Henry Benn, Ord, Nebraska is a Case engine of about 15 HP The
engine on the bottom of page 57 of Mr. Benn’s is also a Case
engine of about 12 HP On page 56 Mr. Steam Engine Joe writes the
separator looks like a Reeves. The Reeves Separator has the return
elevator on the side where the grain weigher is – on this machine –
and the grain weigher on the side, where their machine has the
return elevator on. There are two pulleys near the top of the front
end of the separator that are Beater pulleys driven by a pulley
from the crankshaft. So, I would call it a Russell

ALSO a Thank You Note from Mrs. E. W. Schaefer of Yoe,
Pa. who states, ‘I went to the York Hospital on August 8 for
tests thinking I would be out for the Kinzer Show. I wanted to help
the boss with the Album. After a week of tests they told me I had
to have surgery. I just had to resign myself to the fact that
Kinzers was out this year. I know of no better medium than the
Album to thank all of you for your lovely cards, plants and gifts.
I am very grateful to the six persons who donated blood and also
for the many prayers offered in my behalf. Looking forward to
seeing you at the steam shows this fall.’ We certainly hope
Pauline is feeling better all the time and will be showing her
smiling face and pleasing personality at all of next years shows.
She’s a real nice person and one who loves people and talking –
and that’s what you go to the shows for too, isn’t it??

I know this is the Christmas issue but I somehow can scarcely
get myself into a big paragraph on Christmas as it is not yet the
middle of September and I must think on so many other things yet
before Christmas events, although I do believe we should try to
live with the Christmas spirit in our hearts all year and some
folks will say ‘Oh, Christmas time comes so fast’ but I
wonder how we would feel if we were to have Christmas only every
five or ten years – think about it! – I think each year as it gets
here it’s about time that we renew our Christmas spirit. It
always gives us that lift we need to face the new year.

Well, I think that is about it for this time as we get the last
issue for 1966 out and remember The only people who are criticized
are the people who do something. Be as kind as you can today,
because there may be no tomorrow. A blessing that is shared is not
halved but doubled. He who stands high in his own estimation is
still a long way from the top. If you do not stand for something,
you will fall for anything.

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