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Well, the Montpelier Reunion is one of the past for another year
and while I, of course, could not attend, many of you nice folks
met Elmer and Earlene and Marsha, and I’m sure it was a
pleasure for you (they’re such nice folks) and I know it was
for them, for they always come back enthused at the lovely friends
and folks they meet. By the way, as I’m writing this, they are
enjoying a three-weeks vacation traveling down to Florida and back,
and no doubt will meet with more of our ALBUM friends, although
they are attending no Reunions at this time.

The orders for the note and letter paper are not tremendous, but
they are coming in steadily which leads us to believe it was worth
our while to look into this matter after some of you folks
requested it. We hope it meets with your approval, if not please
give us any added suggestions on it.

I wanted to tell you folks before that we had such an
interesting chat with Arthur Clarke from White House Meadow,
Felsted, Essex, England. He had been visiting our country for
several months and had visited a sister in Minnesota, and enroute
back to the east coast stopped over with Elmer and Earlene for a
few days. It was quite an experience for me to talk with him a
little while, for their talk and customs differ quite a bit from
ours. For example, we all love to eat corn around here and he says
over there they don’t eat it, they feed it to the chickens. Art
is quite a steam enthusiast himself and owns a traction engine for
hobby. He’s 32, married and has four children, is a steel and
metal merchant (junk dealer in my understandable terms) and by the
way told us, his wife gets up every morning, makes the fire and
brings him his tea into the bed. Every morning, imagine that; well
about that time Earlene and I changed the subject, but quick good
thing he did not lecture over here or we might have upped the
already too high divorce rate. All joking, of course, but we did
enjoy his stay here, and who knows maybe someday, we’ll visit

I want to tell you folks who write me such lovely letters that I
will try and answer them, but don’t hold your breath while
waiting. I get pretty tied up at times and so they must be put off,
but I do appreciate them and feel that you are truly good friends,
and hope to meet you sometime. Had a lovely letter from I. L.
London, of Sacramento, California; W. M. Woods, of Newton, Iowa; J.
H. Williams, of South Bend, Indiana; Geo. W. Hatch, of Sand Lanke,
Michigan; and many others. Write anytime, we’re glad to hear
from you.

Just a short poem entitled ‘Friendship’, before I sign

It is my joy in life to find
At every turning of the road,
The strong arm of a comrade kind
To help me onward with my load;
And since I have no gold to give
And love alone must make amends.
My daily prayer is while I live
‘God make me worthy of my friends’
That’s it for now Bye by, have fun,

keep smiling and remember: It’s the little things that
bother, and put us on the rack, You can sit upon a mountain, but
you can’t sit upon a tack.-ANNA MAE

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