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''Father John Bouvier celebrating Mass in the barn of the William Nash farm, Route 2 Winchester, Indiana, at the conclusion of blessing of the farms, May 5, during Rogation days. Note steam tractor in background built in 1920a 40 hp. #34957 owned formerl
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My how the clock does tick off the minutes and memories! Here we
are half way through the summer which means half way through the
reunions. I do hope you folks who are avid steam and gas fans are
‘really living it up’ at the get-togethers. I suppose many
of you are trying to cool off in the shade of a giant steamer while
having some hot discussions of the mechanisms and workings of the
big and little monsters.

You know we could compare a Reunion to the modern Rock Festivals
with some of the same words, but different meanings. For example,
the Music would be the barking of the little engines or the shrill
screams of the whistles on the various sized engines, or perhaps
the more melodious tune from a rare calliope. Pot would be the
potbellied stoves on display in the many old fashioned kitchens or
perhaps the contour of a well experienced engineman. Smoke – lots
of it from the assorted stacks on the engines, or grills in the
kitchens and a few Sparks from the gab sessions. Trips – many of
them taken on the grand old renovated engines of yesteryear that
helped shape the future of our country sometimes I wonder if we
would have been better off if we were not so progressive. Drugs oh
yes, we have them at the Reunions too for I’m sure as much as
the folks all love these meetings there are headaches and many
aspirin downed AND plenty of folks looked drugged with the fantasy
and ecstasy of the performances of these regal Queens in action.
Nudity is the bare facts of how and why these machines function so
well and look so beautiful. And when it’s all over, the crowd
disperses and heads towards home with many happy memories and
richer friendships bonded for future rallies and with more
knowledge to apply to that building or remodeling that engine they
have been tinkering with in their spare hours. Unlike the Rock
Festivals where the news media tells us so many nurses and doctors
are needed and many folks end up in the hospitals and with many bad

There is a picture in this issue of a priest blessing the farms.
The picture comes from William Nash, R. R. 2, Winchester, Indiana
47394, and I thought it was quite different I had never heard of it
done before. The snap was taken in a barn and it stated it was done
during Rogation Days. These days are the Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday before Ascension Day, observed as days of special

Let me remind you good people to try and get your show reports
in as early after the show as possible. We had quite a few in the
last issue. This makes it too long to wait, actually. So get them
in pronto and not right before next year’s show. This is to
your own advantage, don’t you think??

As we’ve stated before Elmer is staying in the Blue Ridge
Haven West, 770 Poplar Church Road, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011,
but when possible he goes home and on June 19th he had a great
experience as some good steam friends came and got he and Earlene
and took them to Dillsburg for an enjoyable day where Elmer was
thrilled once again to be at the throttle of an engine. Many thanks
go to The Berkheimer’s and The Strayers for their kindness in
providing such an exhilarating day for the Ritz-mans. Pictures and
story of this exciting day are in this issue.

I really don’t have much more to add this time and since we
have a full copy I’ll not take up anymore space. Do enjoy each
day and God Bless You.

Confess your sins to the Lord, and you will be forgiven; confess
them to men, and you will be laughed at.

Josh Billings

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