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Only one reader identified the “mystery” engine
in the November/December 2004 issue of Steam Traction.

Roger A. Meyer, 1101 Alice, Miles City, MT
59301, correctly identified the engine in Spalding’s Corner as an
Empire portable steam engine manufactured by Hagerstown Steam
Engine and Machine Co., Hagerstown, Md.

Very little is known about Empire engines, as the Hagerstown
Steam Engine and Machine Co. went out of business prior to 1900.
There is some suggestion they also built engines in Cobleskill,

For getting his answer in first, Roger receives a free copy of
Prof. P.F. Rose’s Steam Engine Guide.

This month’s mystery engine comes, as usual, courtesy of
John Spalding, 112 Carriage Place, Hendersonville,
TN 37035 ( Writing is visible on the rear
bunker, but we’re not sure it provides any real clues to the
engine’s origins.

As ever, the first person to correctly identify the engine, by
mail, gets a free copy of Prof. P.F. Rose’s Steam Engine
. Good hunting.

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