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This is an engine I've never seen in the Iron-Men Album. It is a Sandwich 10 horse built in Sandwich, Illinois about 1929. I brought this engine home from near Omaha, Nebraska.
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Elmer Larson's 1/3 scale Rumely Oil Pull tractor. Built in his spare time at his machine shop at Fargo, N. D.
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Here is a picture of our 30-60 Hart Parr, No. 2257. The picture was taken in March, 1962.
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Here is a picture of me standing beside my restored 30-60 Rumely Oil Pull Type S, serial 292.
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This picture was taken September, 1961, at the Black Hawk Steam Engine Show at Cedar Falls, Ia. The engine is a Case 110 and a 14 bottom John Deere plow owned by Smolik Bros. It will be at the show again this year.
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