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Here is a picture of a 'Big 4' tractor that I ran out in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1913. It sure was a great rig back in those days. It had 8 ft. drivers on the rear, 4 cylinder engine and would use about 60 gal. of gas in 12 hours on breaking pra
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In this picture, taken in 1921 or 1922, you see a 1530 Oil Pull
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Here is a picture of me standing beside my Root-Vandervort, 5 HP, built in 1903 for Derre & Webber Company. I have restored this engine and it runs perfect. If anyone has or knows of any information on this engine I would like to hear from them.
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Left to right, Massey Harris, 15-28 HP; Oil Pull Run, 25-40 HP; Titan, 15-30 HP.
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Russell's Saw Mill, 440 Corley Mill, 58' saw, 75 HP Diesel Cat. Power, taken on May 10, 1958.
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Picture of six-hole John Deere corn shelter being pulled by a 60 Oliver.
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Here is a picture of my A, Z, 5 HP, Fair Banks Morris. I don't know what year it was built. I have restored this engine and it runs real good. I would like to hear from someone who knows more about this engine or has any literature or instruction manuals
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About 1908.
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This picture was taken as we were heading out into the wilds in 1911.

Here is a picture of a shock loader owned by Lems Bros. of Rock
Valley, Iowa. The loader is home made and has a feeder that lays on
the ground and is run by an electric motor and the juice comes from
a generator that runs off the power take-off of the tractor. The
racks have one side with hinges that fold down and they just dump
the bundles over the side. The bundles I saw were very long and
heavy windrows and some fell off but in 5 minutes or less they had
a big load.

Marvin E. Green, Boy den, Iowa

Douglas McConnell writes……

I noticed a picture on page 13 of your May-June 1963 Album in
Dairy-land Driftings of a Best steamer. This steamer I recognized
right away. It was used for many long years in Forsyth, Montana. I
have a book before me entitled Dry-Farming by L. H. Bailey and on
page 211 is a picture of this outfit taken in 1911. It reads
‘Combined harvester and thresher in a field of dry-farm Turkey
wheat. Forsyth, Montana.

There is another picture of this steamer steam plowing on page
303 pulling four plows and turning over 17 furrows at once.

I saw another Best steamer like this one on the lower right hand
side of page 18.I wish I could locate some one with a 1225 hp
Port-Huron tractor so I could send a picture of it into your
magazine. I’m beginning to think there is none of them left on
earth today as no one I have ever asked knows of any.

Your magazine is my favorite of this kind and would pay $5.00
for it if I ever have to.

I see the front cover picture on the March issue of Engineers
& Engines is a George-White steamer and not a Sawyer-Massey
like they say.

Thank you for your hard work in giving to all of us such a swell
magazine as you do.

I like the front cover on this months issue as the Reeves
steamer is my favorite engine.

Douglas A. McConnell, Box 575, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba,

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