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Here is a picture of threshing on the Emge Bros. Farm in 1955. It is a 6 cylinder Ford Tractor and a 24 inch K. G. Separator.
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Close up of Mr. Alfred Patterson's 25-50 Avery with Alfred standing by. See Mr. Patterson's article.
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I threshed 30 days for this man. These pictures were taken in 39-40 of the wheat harvest here in Western Kansas, west of Dodge City, 20 miles and vicinity. 1929 was the first year of a crop following the Dust Bowl area. It was not a bumper crop by all mea
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See Mr. Hart's letter.

G. M. Locomotive Engineer, 3929 E. Nebraska, Spokane 28,

Come on Boys and send in pictures of your old gas and oil
tractors standing where they may be.

I for one, love to see these pictures in the Iron-Men Album
Magazine. I have run lots of these old sod-busters in the early
days of Montana.

We must give credit to these engines for the going was hard
pulling. They put these prairies into rolling wheat fields. And all
they ask is a little oil and cheap fuel.

I have read in the Iron-Men Album that these engines stick.
Well, I would like to say some of our good steam fans, one a Mr. C.
A. Harsch, E. 8713 Frederick was asked by the Spokane State Fair to
bring his out and go to the fair and believe me, you should see the
smiles on these peoples faces, when we started these engines and
run them around. There was about 300 to 600 people around us all
day long and pictures being taken all the time. So I don’t
think they stick too bad.

So lets have more pictures and more power to a great magazine
from an oil, gas and steam fan.

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