Milton, Iowa

Enclosed here with please find my check for $2.00 for the
renewal of my ALBUM for another year, Code No. 5F6-1. We always
look forward to the arrival of the next issue of the IRON-MEN ALBUM
it’s getting better all the time.

If some of the boys want a ‘Gas’ or ‘Diesel’ or
some other department, and you can manage to squeeze it in, well
and good. We will all read it sure thing. But! By the shades of a
cloud of coal smoke and wheat straw-dust don’t cut down the
articles on steam or you will sure hear a louder howl from us old
smoke eaters than was ever heard from all the whistles at the
Midwest Reunion at Mt. Pleasant.

Well, ‘Nufsed’, you are busy and I will not toke up your
time needlessly. We sure missed the IRON-MEN ALBUM representatives
at Mt. Pleasant this fall. Say, what was the reason no one was
there? Anything that can be told a fellow member of the Midwest
Association? While on this subject, could I encroach on your time
just a wee bit? There being no one there representing the ALBUM as
mentioned above, I noticed Mr. Herman E. Elgar of Mt. Pleasant,
Secretary of the Association, handling some subscriptions and being
that I always presented our neighbor, Mr. Van Fleet with a
subscription to our little magazine about the time of the Midwest
Reunion, I handed Mr. Elgar two dollars for Mr. Van Fleet’s
renewal. For your convenience I enclose a return envelope and will
you please advise me if you have received the renewal for R. B. Van
Fleet, of Milton, Iowa, Route 1Code No. 6N1-7. No reflections on
anybody please understand. However, I do not want Mr. Van Fleet to
miss a single issue of 1955. He has received the Nov.-Dec. 1954
issue, however, the same day I received mine, only his contains
your red expiration envelope. Of course the envelope may not mean
anything as you may have received the renewal from Mr. Elgar after
you already had the magazines in the mail. Thanking you very kindly
for your trouble. With kindest regards

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