Stationary Engine Society Publishes Inventory

By Staff

The Stationary Engine Society, formed in early 1986 to promote
the exchange of information about stationary and marine
reciprocating engines, has announced the publication of their first
Inventory of Stationary and Marine Steam Engines in the United
States and Canada.

This inventory includes some 800 engines of widely varied sizes
and types. It is, by design, not intended to be a final list of all
extant engines and their status; the Society emphasizes that this
first edition is really just a first draft. They are counting on
inventory readers to supply them with further information on listed
engines, or to let them know about engines which were not

The starting point for the listing was an inventory of
approximately 375 engines made in the mid-1970’s for the
National Park Service Historic American Engineering Record. This
list was edited, updated, and enhanced by information from
members’ private files and from the files of Greenfield Village
and the Henry Ford Museum Collections.

Engines are listed by state and then by city. Information
provided on each engine includes the site or organization with
which the engine is associated, the address, builder, layout,
bore/stroke, valves, and flywheel diameter. Clear, easy-to-follow
explanatory notes keyed to the layout of the list are provided at
the beginning of the publication. The editors have included an
inventory sheet at the end of the booklet for the use of readers
who wish to send information on engines which they feel should be

The editors have undertaken an ambitious project, one which by
their own admission they may never actually complete. Rather, they
look at this inventory as an ongoing process of identification.
Inventory of Stationary and Marine Steam Engines in the United
States and Canada can be obtained by sending $3.00 (check or money
order) to: Secretary, Stationary Engine Society, 3706 Emily Street,
Kensington, MD 20895.

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