Steam Engine Details

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Clockwise from top right: The 5 HP Star vertical steam engine; the old boiler originally purchased in a junkyard. This will be replaced with a new unit this winter that will provide the necessary 150 pounds of steam pressure; a Williams & White power hammer, donated by General Motors; the band saw made in the late 1800s.

1890 60 HP Erie

Flywheel: 54-inch diameter, 12-1/2 inches wide

Pulley: 32-inch diameter, 10-1/2 inches wide

Bore: 9-inch

Stroke: 12-inch

Serial no.: 13848

Pressure: 150 psi

Circa 1885 5 HP Star

Flywheel: 30-inch diameter, 2 inches wide

Pulley: 30-inch diameter, 6-1/2 inches wide

Bore: 5-inch

Stroke: 5-inch

Pressure: 150 psi

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