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STEAM ENGINE JOE (RYNDA) Montgomery, Minn.

Enclosing you this Xmas Day Sun Shining over one foot of Snow
outside on the level a Card of my 12 hp Cyl. D. 7′ S. 10′
C.C. Balance Valve: Link Motion: R. F. Straw Burner; J. I. Case
Threshing Machine Co., Engine No. 4348; Built 18/9/1890. Thought
you might be interested in how I got this Engine. Think God gave it
to me after 7 years of Praying the Rosary on my knees for the
blunder I made in year 1952. In 1952 Mr. H. M. Jones of Little
Falls wrote me about R. F. C. C. Case engine. His writing was not
too clear and I was thinking of him referring to the R. F. C. C. 16
H. P. Case engine at Pontiac, Ill. Then my son Leonard was working
at Brainerd, Minn. and stopped at H. M. Jones place in Little Falls
and told me about the R. F. C. C. Case Mr. Jones sold into Indiana
and then is when I  felt so bad and done my praying for the
blunder I made.

In 1953 we had our threshing Bee at New Prague, Minn. A stranger
unloaded a Fly Wheel Steam Pump and did not want anything for it.
Think it was a Miller Bolier Feed Pump. Hope I could find out who
it was. 1958 Mr. Geo. Wondra of Montgomery, Minn., seen me one day
and said, Grandpa the Junk Man at Warsaw ,Minn. wants to see you.
He has something for you. I stopped there one day and he had for me
I’ Crosby Outside Huddling Chamber Pop Valve; pat. 1875; and a
Hydroastic with top condensing chamber steam filled 5/8′
Tubular Glass Down Feed Cylinder Lubricator, pat. 1874. Only cost
me think $3.00. Year 1958 bought an 1888 J. I. Case Threshing
Machine Co. catalogue from Tom Zahratka, think for $10.00. In 1959,
James Shilling of Spring Grove, Minn, came over and wanted me to
trade me came over and wanted to trade me his 10 H. P. Rumely for a
New Case. In the Winter of 1958-59 Tom Zahratka took his Station
Wagon and we drove to Spring Grove to look at the Rumley. During
the visit James Schilling told me of the 12 H.P. C. C. Case that
Henry Vickerman has at Canton, Minn. Mr. James Shilling took us to
there about 25 miles from Grove City to Vickermans place. We called
at the Vickerman house in the Hills. Mrs. Vickerman came to the
door and we asked for Mr. Vickerman and she replied that he was not
home. Asked if we could see the engine on the Hill in the field and
Mrs. replied that was nothing to see but gave us permission to look
at it. Then when we came back Mr. Vickerman was in the house. We
got acquainted and since are very good friends with Grandpa and
Grandma Vickerman. However Grandma wears the pants, she is the
boss. James Shilling made about 3 trips to their place trying to
get the engine for me reasonable and Tom Zahratka and I made about
3 trips too. But Grandma stuck out for $1,500 once I offered her
$1,000 and finally after almost a year of negotiation she took me
up on the offer and I paid her the $1,000.

Her son-in-law and daughter were here about a month ago and got
a Xmas card from Vickerman that they would like to come to see the
engine next Summer steamed up.

This engine did not have any of the parts above mention on it
and according to the 1888 Case Catalogue they all belong on it. Now
I don’t think that I could have that much luck or even if God
gave me 4 talents that wouldn’t be enough and I don’t think
that I have even 2. So think it was God’s doing.

The Miller pump bolt holes fit the Feed Water Heater Cover holes
like if it were made for it. The Boiler is like new, it was grease
covered, even the 60,000 Pound Flange Steel Stamping looks like it
came from the Steel Mill last week. Pumped the boiler 182 lbs. cold
water and not a leak. The engine can have on 90 pounds of Steam and
if you did not look at the Steam Gauge you would not know it was
even warm. The Gearing is like new. The North-field Foundry and
Machine Shop of Northfield, Minn. made me a new Alloy High Strength
Counter Shaft without any charge. That was broke. The cylinder was
full of saw dust and the Piston rod was ate up so put in a New one
of Stainless Steel.

The engine had been tipped once and it has on some other Fly
Wheel with curved spokes instead of Case Fly Wheel with Straight 6

The 2′ Waters Governor top was also broke and they replaced
the top from another Waters governor which has a different flange.
On Oct. 8, 1961, Budinske Brothers brought me a 2′ Waters
Governor the top of which will match the base of the Governor on
the Engine and for only $13.00. Son Leonard and others tell me
don’t change the governor as this governor of Makeshift top
work so perfect when a Wet bundle hits the Ajator Cylinder the
drive belt flips up and about 3 barks and everything is to normal

Would like to know if any one has a R. F. C. C. Case with the
large steam chest with the Case Balance Valve. It was made by Case
about 1888 to 1891. My Direct Flue Case 10 H. P. No. 5103 is built
4/5/1892 and that has the small Steam Chest and plain D. Valve and
two Fly Wheels and Friction Clutch.

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