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If RP2 Catherine J. Kaurich, Library Officer, McMurdo station
(Navy), Antarctica, holding the book beside a CAT wheel loader.

A photo of Michael MacNeil, head librarian and Captain Bailey,
who is responsible for the library functions at the North Pole
station, Alert Canada.

That most useful book of information for steam engine buffs, The
Encyclopedia of American Steam Traction Engines, by Jack Norbeck,
has now made its way to the far reaches of the earth. Now, even if
you travel to the North Pole or the South Pole, you will not be
without the 320 pages of reference material and 1,250 photographs
found in the book.

Copies of the Encyclopedia were recently added to the
approximately 3,000 volumes in the small library at the North Pole
Station in Alert, Canada. Another volume, arriving by military air
drop, was placed in the library at the McMurdo Station at the South
Pole, Antartica.

Norbeck, who lives at 117 Ruch St., Coplay, PA 18037, is
president of Norbeck Research. As a result of an interest in
farm-type steam engines since he was a child, he gathered material
for the book over a ten-year period and took 95% of the photos. The
latest printing is of the third revised edition, which includes a
new directory listing 84 companies that made steam fire engines.
More than 20,000 volumes have been printed since the first edition
was issued in 1976.

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