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Canton Monitor 10 HP built 1893 by Aultman & Co., owned by Lyman Knapp of Blackwell
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1911 J. I. Case 75 HP owned by Kim Tuttle, of Fowlerville, MI.
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1915 18 HP Huber owned by Tom Forman of Stillwater, OK
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Kenneth Sullivan with his 1915 50 HP J. I. Case. All photos by Mark Corson.
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Another view of Kim Turtle's Case.
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Another view of Kim Turtle's Case.
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9374 Roosevelt Street Crown Point, Indiana 46307

Three views from the 1996 Pawnee Show. From left, 1899 12 HP J.
I. Case compound owned by Tom Forman of Stillwater,

Early morning sounds of rattling latches of smoke box and
firebox doors return to Pawnee, Oklahoma, as engineers prepare for
a new day, and welcome the 41st annual reunion of the Oklahoma
Steam Threshing and Gas Engine Association, Inc., over the weekend
of May 3, 4, 5, 1996.

This year the gas engine area and flea market were overflowing.
Amos Rixmann was kept busy, once again, testing steam engines, Oil
Pulls and gas tractors on the Prony Brake. Road grading, an
operational steam winch, threshing, corn grinding, blacksmithing,
daily parades, rope making and the sawmill were among the other
displays and activities.

Shown with the steam engines were Kenneth Sullivan’s 1914 50
HP Case, which was the featured engine of the show. Two other 50 HP
Case engines were at the show, one owned by Dale Curtis, a 1915.
The Kelly family’s 110 Case engine was on hand .Chady
Atteberry’s family brought their 65 HP Case. Also present were
Tom Foreman’s 1915 18 HP Huber and his 1899 12 HP compound
Case; Dale Wolf’s 1916 16 HP Nichols & Shepard; the
Martens’ 1916 30 HP Nichols & Shepard; Lewis Woods of
Mustang, Oklahoma, and his 1918 18 HP Wood Bros. engine; a 1918 25
HP M Rumely from Newton, Kansas; Kim Turtle and his 1911 75 HP
Case; an Advance-Rumely; a Keck- Gonnerman; Shane Fry was there
with John Fry’s Greyhound; Fiegel family’s 80 HP Case;
Lyman Knapp’s 1893 10 HP Aultman-Taylor & Company – Canton
Monitor. Also Tony Bena’s scale Nichols & Shepard was just
one of the operating scale engines at this year’s reunion.

At right, Carl Turtle of Howell, MI with the Kelley family’s
1913 110 HP Case. This engine has been at Pawnee for 25 years.

One of the engines that provided power to the thresher was a
1915 J. I. Case 65 HP owned by Chady Atteberry and family.

The 1997 reunion will be held May 2, 3, 4 and will feature Ivan
Burn’s Advance- Rumely, equipment of the Allis- Chalmers
Company, and Delco gas engines.

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