Steam Launches Leave for Tokyo Theme Park

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These Rose 20 steam launches are each powered by wood fired horizontal fire tube boilers. The steam engines are an unnamed antique single cylinder double acting vertical and a Stuart two cylinder compound, in the left and and right boats, respectively. The rudders are specifically set high, as these are to be static displays floating in a shallow tank; correspondingly the propellers are omitted.

Beckmann Steam and Electric Boatshop, Limited, has completed and delivered two steam launches for a new theme park in Tokyo, Japan. The boats are its popular Rose 20 model, which the company has been manufacturing since 1975.

The Rose launch is typical of the fantail style hulls that were built during the late 1800s. When developing the Rose, several hulls were studied, then a composite hull was made, utilizing the most salient features of each.

The Rose 20 is used as a pleasure boat and is generally steam or electric powered, although a number of boats have been fitted with antique gasoline or diesel engines. The boat provides a stable and comfortable ride for four to six persons. Many of these boats have been built over the years and are frequently seen in use on lakes and coastal waterways.

Additional information may be had by calling (401) 783-1859, or by mail at P.O. Box 26, Slocum, RI 02877. Beckmann, Limited maintains a web site at, where this and other antique and classic boats are displayed, described, and priced.

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