Steam Library Exhibit Travels The Globe

By Staff
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At Bad Kissingen, Germany. Lt. J. L. Garvin, his wife and daughter.
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At Launcaston, Tasmania, Australia, Mrs. Dorothy Pearn, left.
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On display in Central Agricultural Library, Pretoria, South Africa.

Jack Norbeck, author of Encyclopedia of American Steam Traction
Engines now in its third edition, is a tireless promoter of the
steam engine hobby. As president of Norbeck Research of Coplay,
Pa., Norbeck has assembled a library display which has been
traveling for several years. (See IMA, September/October 1978 p. 7)
On this page, are pictures of the display in some of its more
remote locations.

Norbeck Research Educational Library Exhibit ‘THE GREAT
STEAM ERA’ on display in the Library at Bangalore, India.
Professor N. S. Ramaswamy is holding the Encyclopedia at right. At
left is the librarian who set up the exhibit. Ramaswamy is an
international author and was formerly on the faculty of Bombay

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