Steam Show in Derbyshire

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American visitors enjoyed a rare treat at the 1997 Steam Fair
held by the Buxworth Steam Group at Hartington Moor Showground,
near Ash boume, Derbyshire, England.

The event was held on the Spring Bank Holiday weekend, May

Tony Marchington, the family representative, estimated
attendance at about 8,000 with about 20 steam traction engines all
of British manufacture being exhibited.

The land was commodious for the show, which featured ‘The
World’s Famous Steam Showman’s Engine, The Iron Maiden,
‘ prominently on display in the center of the grounds when not
taking part in parades.

‘The Iron Maiden’ is a Fowler R-3.

Tony Marchington, of Barren Clough Farm, Buxworth High Peak, is
a discerning collector of both steam traction engines and private
railroad cars. He spoke to us while keeping an eye on the grounds,
from his ‘Titan,’ a Fowler B-5.

He chatted with our group, which included retired Donnelley
Printing exec Al Thompson and his wife Phyllis, of Lancaster,
Pennsylvania; Sue Muench of near Philadelphia; and Peter Hall,
driver of our tour bus, who had volunteered to drive us from the B
& B at which we were staying.

When Tony Marchington said that he had also seen Green Bay,
Wisconsin, a number of times, Al thought this was because of the
Green Bay Packers pro football team. But no, it was because of the
National Railroad Museum, which has over 70 steam locomotives and
rail cars on display.

We also talked with Tony Wright of Tubury with his Fowler Allen
No. 8111, only one of its kind, and Dave Cofee, of Cromford,
showing his Tiger engines.

The show had a genuine country fair flavor, as its advertising
circular promised ‘A Rare 1907 Cake-Walk, 1893 Tidman’s
Steam Driven Galloping Horse Roundabout (Merry go round to U.S.
readers), a 1935 50 foot Big Wheel [Ferris wheel],’ and much

Frank Marchington, Tony’s father, receives inquiries for the
event at Barren Clough Farm, Buxworthy, High Peak.

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