1545 10th Ave. St. Paul Park, Minnesota 55071

The annual steam up for the Minnesota Steam Engineers
Association was held at the Rollag, Minnesota showground’s, on
Saturday, May 16, 1992 this year.

The steam up was special for Minnesota Steam Engineers
Association this year because four engines were steamed up due to
the efforts of the members of M.S.E.A. to get legislation changed
to allow the following engines to be run again: a Huber, a Reeves,
a 45 HP Minneapolis and a 110 Case. All were over 36 inches in
diameter on the shell and, because of the law, could only carry 15
pounds of pressure, which rendered them to static display. Now
these engines and other engines of this size can run and strut
their stuff in Minnesota because of the efforts of M.S.E.A.

Association president Richard Rorvig, along with the M.S.E.A.
task force, spent many hours meeting with the state legislators and
boiler inspectors to accomplish this task.

The steam up started around 10:00 a.m., and as members came and
gathered around the engines, many stories were told. Friends were
visiting with each other and many questions were answered. After a
very good beef dinner, put on by Linnette Briden and her crew of
Rollag volunteers, an afternoon of running an engine, learning
about the safety of firing a boiler, and riding the railroad engine
which they had steamed up was sure an afternoon to remember. Group
pictures were taken of members standing by the four engines, and a
short meeting was held. A short talk by Jerry Parker explaining the
Rollag Steam School made it a very nice afternoon.

Thanks go to the many Rollag members and Jim Briden for
organizing the steam up and for making it a huge success. I
understand they served 150 members at the dinner and M.S.E.A. can
be proud of the fine turnout. I was at the first meeting when it
was founded around 20 years ago, and I saw it grow into a good
organization with good fellowship, education about steam boilers
and working together to keep our engines running in a safe manner.
Most of all, we stress proper maintenance to keep our boilers in
good shape for years to come.

Every one of our members is willing to help in keeping the hobby
going and can be proud of what the organization has accomplished
over the past 20 years.

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