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The bell dimensions of this whistle are 8'' diameter x 48'' length. The entire whistle stands over 6 foot, weighs over 200 pounds. Has a 2'' I.D. pipe inlet. It was used on a large Great Lakes ship. Long bell gives very deep blast.
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A 3 foot yardstick is shown for size comparisons.
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Overall view showing air tank, pipes and whistles. Lake Erie is the dark patch of blue between the trees.
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The bell diameters of these steam whistles are 8'', 6'', 6'', 5'', 3'', 3V,''. 3''. 2''. 2''. 2''. 1'' and 1''.
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The bell diameters of these whistles are 10'', 8'', 8'', 6'', 6'' and 3''. The two largest are for Great Lakes ships and weigh 200 pounds each.
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View from roof. The bell dimensions of the two largest are 10'' x 36'' and 8'' x 48''. Their pipe size is 2'' I.D.

West Lake Road, Ripley, N.Y. 14775.

As a hobby, I collect steam whistles. I also blow them with 140
psi of compressed air. In the summer, they are mounted up on pipes,
outside as shown in the photos. I’ve been told they can be
heard for miles around me. The two largest copper bell whistles are
for large Great Lake ships. They produce a beautiful deep blast
that shakes the ground when blown. Each of the ship whistles weighs
over 200 pounds. My tallest whistle is the one I’m standing
next to in the photo. Its copper bell is 48 inches in length and
the entire whistle stands six foot (I’m 6′ 0′).
I’ve never seen a whistle anywhere with a longer bell. That
whistle was from a Great Lakes ship.

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