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Burton Leiter
Courtesy of Burton Leiter, R. 1, Six Lakes, Michigan 48886 This is our steamer all set for barn threshing. It is a 16-50 Port Huron Compound #7981. Our neighbor's grandson is on the coal bunker.

R. 1, Six Lakes, Michigan 48886

I am 75, partly retired and with my wife, Mildred, 70, own and
live on our 160 acre farm located in Belvidere Twp., Montealm
County, State of Michigan. We are nearly in the center of the lower
peninsula and highways M46 and M66, which traverse the state from
east to west and north to south respectively both cross our farm.
One half of our farm has been in our family since 1889 (father to
son) and the other half since 1903 (father to daughter). You see,
we were the girl and the boy next door and have been married 47
years this coming April. We have one son and one daughter, both
married, and one grandchild, Karen Marie, age 9 years, whose
picture with myself and our steamer appear on page 34 of 1965

We manage the farm and put in some of the crops. The other
fields are rented out to neighbors on crop shares. Crops raised are
oats, corn, wheat, beans and clover seed. All roughage is disked
down and plowed under.

Our steamer is a very nice 16-50 Port Huron Compound # 7981 and
we used it to thresh our oats with this year. It is housed in a
storm and bird proof building during the winter seasons.

I enjoy reading the Album very much. I’m glad they took the
gas tractors out. They just don’t smell right.

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