Box 332, Route 2 Adena, Ohio

The Stumptown Steam Threshers 21st annual reunion opened to
sunny skies and very hot weather. A good size crowd attended the
show both days although there was a decrease in attendance. The
two-day program opened with a prayer and welcome by Lester Nabb and
the presentation of the flag by the Flushing V.F.W. After the
opening ceremony, the threshing, bailing, sawing, shingle making,
corn shelling, corn meal grinding and power-eater generator
operation got under way.

The steam table was filled with both models and stationary
engines powered by the wooden-wheeled Peerless portable engine
owned by Jed Crowe. Ray Covault, Tom Hatcher and Gary Arnold
entertained with their -scale engines and equipment. Model
equipment included a Baker fan, saw mill and bailer.

Gasoline Alley featured 236 gas engines which were very busy
generating electric, shelling corn, pumping water or just plain
banging away. Exhibitors brought gas engines from as far away as
Florida. Several antique cars and trucks were also on hand.

The Tractor Row consisted of 41 tractors with the ‘Green
Line’ being the most dominant. The most rare and unusual
tractor was the big ‘Avery’ and the Rock Island Heider.
Several of the tractors participated in the wagon backing contest
held on Saturday afternoon. This year’s contest had two
categories, amateur and a contest between previous Stump-town
winners. Dave Murphy of Flushing, Ohio won the amateur contest and
Mark Lyle won the previous winner category by beating John Miller
by 5 seconds and Henry Niemiec by 14 seconds.

The slow engine race and block race got under way at 1:00 p.m.
each day. Saturday’s winners were Joe Harrison on his 20 HP
Russell in the antique slow engine race and Bill Arnold won the
-scale contest. The block race winners were John McDowell on his
21-75 Baker and Bill Arnold won in the -scale class. Sunday’s
slow engine race winners were Henry Niemiec on Doc Saffell’s 12
HP Peerless and Gale Arnold on his Dad’s ‘Goat’ engine
won the -scale category. The block race was won by Glenn Krofft in
the antique class and Criss Arnold won in the -scale class.

The tobacco spitting contest sponsored by the Mail Pouch Tobacco
Co. and the Stumptown Club was won by Kip Carson of New Athens,
Ohio with a distance of 23 feet.

The fiddling contest was a great success and featured seventeen
fiddlers. In the under 60 class, John Jefferies of Toronto was 1st
place winner; Clarence Miller of Brilliant, Ohio was 2nd place
winner; and Norbert Ebert of New Martinsville, West Virginia was
3rd place winner. In the 60 and older class, Bill Burris of
Shippingport, Pennsylvania was the 1st place winner; Don Wilson of
St. Clairsville, Ohio won 2nd; and Floyd Warren of Cortland, Ohio
won 3rd.

After the contest Carl Porter played several tunes on his mouth
organ followed by the fiddling contestants and their accompanists
playing several favorite fiddling tunes. After the winners were
announced and trophies presented, Laco Pickins and his Gang from
the Barnesville area entertained the crowd with their Blue Grass
music until midnight.

Church services on Sunday morning were led by Marion Rogers of
Freeport, Ohio. The Stumptown Ladies Auxiliary chose Ray and Anna
Covault from Fletcher, Ohio as Thresherman of the Year and
Thresherman’s Queen who took their royal ride on a 1922 model T
truck owned by Ralph Jones of Woodsfield. The Ladies Auxiliary
auctioned off a round hand-crocheted tablecloth which was bought by
Doc Saffell. A hand-made quilt was raffled off and won by Joy
Jendrusick of Bethesda.

A parade was held both days at 4:00 with Mickey MacDonald doing
the announcing. Plaques were awarded to all exhibitors. Preceding
the parade on Sunday, a drawing was held from the membership cards
with Gary Arnold of Marietta and John Fields of Claarmont, Florida
winning $50.00 each and Emil Crepsie of Cleveland winning a set
from 1972 to 1983 of Stumptown dishes and Robert Howell of Flushing
winning a case of oil. The prize money and oil were donated.

The Stumptown officers and directors wish to thank all
exhibitors, spectators, and anyone who helped make this year’s
show a success. Next year’s show will be held on September 8th
and 9th. Hope to see you there.


Do you know anything about ‘Holbrook’s Swivel Plow’?
If so, your information is desired.

The plow was said to have been invented by Gov. Frederick
Holbrook, of Vermont, leader in pre-Civil War and post-war farm
matters. If you have information, write to John N. Carnahan,
Secretary, Brattleboro Historical Society, PO Box 801, Brattleboro,
VT 05301.


A Farmers Hall of Fame is planned near Fargo, ND.

First purpose is to restore and preserve tools, implements and
machinery. Second is to honor individuals who have helped the
advance of agriculture.

To learn more, get in touch with President Roger Eilerston,
Farmers Hall of Farm, Audubon, MN 56511.

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