The CHICKEN TOWN Gas & Steam Show

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Dave Weyand and Clark Brocht with Dave's Case engine and plow
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Clark Brocht on the one-half scale Peerless.
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Dan Lancaster with his steam models.
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the two in front of Chickentown's new water tower, ready to hook to the plow.
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Mike Miller and his Twentieth Century pulling a four bottom John Deere plow.
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Steve & Sean Weimer filling up a half scale Frick with water and coal.

630 Chicken town Road Somerset, Pennsylvania 15501

On May 23 & 24, 1998, the 5th annual Chicken town Gas &
Steam Show was held at Chicken town Grove near Somerset,

We had a nice line up of steam which included: Frick, Peerless,
Case and Twentieth Century; also we had some live steam half-scale
models of a Peerless, Case, Frick and a quarter-scale Peerless.
This year we put our steam to work thanks to Dave Weyand, who
brought his four-bottom John Deere plow along. For those who like
to hear a steam engine under load, put a plow behind it.

In addition, we have about 50 gas tractors of all sizes, hit
& miss engines, a blacksmith, corn and buckwheat grinding,
Baker fan, machinery parade, flea market, crafts, a large toy tent
full of farm toys, and lots of good food.

I have included some pictures taken at our 1998 show. I think
everyone will enjoy them. Thanks to everyone out there who takes
the time and effort to put on these shows!

Our next show will be held May 29 & 30, 1999. I will look
forward to seeing you there.

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