The Golden Roll

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Dicke Joe Neely and his 16 HP Port Huron

Dicke Joe Neely, 69, of Marshall, Mich., passed
away at his home Thursday, Oct. 27, 2004.

Dicke Joe was born July 17, 1935, in Ray, Mich., to James C. and
Della Marie (Howard) Neely. He was married on Aug. 16, 1951, to
Annabelle Miller, who died in 1990. The couple moved to Marshall in
the early 1960s from Freemont, Ind., and lived there since.

Dicke Joe owned and operated Richard Neely Heating for nearly 30
years, until retiring in the early 1990s. He then worked with his
son Richard, who took over the business. A member of the Moose
Lodge and the Michigan Historical Steam Engine Assn., he owned two
Port Huron steam traction engines, which he enjoyed showing at the
National Threshers show in Wauseon, Ohio, and Northeast Indiana
Steam and Gas Show in LaGrange, Ind.

Dicke Joe was fairly new to our hobby and fraternity, but soon
became a trusted and close friend to many folks near and far. He
camped out at many shows throughout the summer, and you could
always depend on Dicke Joe to have his camp under a nice shade tree
with plenty of his smoked fish and a tall tale or two. He loved a
good laugh as much as any of us, with plenty of ice-cold
refreshments. Dicke Joe was always ready for a steam engine road
trip to Somerset, Va.; Mineral Beach, Pa.; or Montgomery, Minn.
Just say the word and his little bag was in the truck ready to roll
at 11 p.m., 3 a.m. or 6 a.m. We would drive all night, saw all day
and party half the next night.

As the last light clicked off, Dicke Joe would say, “Boys, today
was dandy good!” His steam friends will remember Dicke Joe whenever
they get together, may he rest in peace.

Submitted by Dennis Rupert and Bill Dove, Hillsdale,

It saddens me deeply to report the sudden passing of
Dennis “Denny” Smalley of Mason, Mich. Denny was
born on Oct. 28, 1942, and passed away on March 7, 2005, at the age
of 62.

Denny was a member of the Michigan Steam Engine & Threshers
Club. I have known Denny since the mid-1960s when his dad Charlie
and Denny bought a 16 HP double Nichols & Shepard from Charlie
Hallsey. They ran this engine every spare moment they could. Their
second engine was a 20 HP Advance corner bracket, I think this was
Denny’s favorite engine. They went on to collect quite a few
engines. Needless to say his death comes as quite a shock to all of
us, and all that knew him will miss him.

Submitted by Larry Mix, Hastings, Mich.

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