By Staff

RAYMOND TOMLINSON, 54, of 232 N. Foster Avenue, Albany, Indiana
47320 passed away July 18, 1972. He was a member of the N. T. A.
and the Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana. He was a steam
enthusiast and enjoyed both the magazines. Courtesy of Mrs.

GEORGE DeRUYTER, 716 No. 13th Street, Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53081
died April 27, 1972 after anililness. He was a steam fan and
enjoyed the Iron-Men Album. He will be missed by many. Sent in by
Mrs. DeRuyter.

S. J. HOAGLAND, Fredericktown, Ohio passed away September 17,
1972. He had a miniature saw-mill that he had at several steam
shows in Central Ohio. He enjoyed the Shows and meeting old friends
each year. Sent in by Mrs. Hoagland.

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