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WILLIAM (POKEY) FRY, born 1890, died 1972. He ran a machine shop
in Sedgwick, Kansas for many years. He owned a 60 HP Case engine
and also built a 1/4 size Case 65 that he had at the shows. No
matter how busy Pokey was in his shop, if you needed something done
on your engine, he would stop everything and fix it. He and his
father threshed for many years in Western Kansas and around
Sedgwick. The Steam Engine Crown has lost a real friend and

Courtesy of John R. Younkman, North Newton, Kansas 67117

EVERETT F. PYLE, age 74 of St. Jacob, Illinois died April 23,
1973. Everett was well known in the midwest as he attended many of
the shows as long as he was able. He was a charter member of the
American Thresherman Ass’n. and faithfully served on various
committees and offices. He always displayed a variety of machinery
at the shows and was an expert mechanic. He will be missed by all
at the reunions.

Courtesy of George F. Bahre, Coulterville, Illinois 62237

WALTER J. BAHRE, age 74 of McPherson, Kansas died on April 25,
1973. Walter loved steam and built many working models and attended
all the shows and reunions in the area and was a friend to all.
Walter was a member of the American Thresherman Assn. for many

Sent in by George F. Bahre, Coulterville, Illinois 62237

ALFRED (TINY) BALDWIN, 61, passed away at his home in Wellsboro,
Pennsylvania on January 4, 1973. He belonged to the Old Stump
Jumpers of Mansfield, Pennsylvania and many more. Helped Carl
Campbell saw shingles at the Williams Grove Reunion last August
1972. He will be greatly missed at the shows by his many

Sent in by Carl S. Campbell, R.D. 1, Mansfield, Pennsylvania

MENNO STOLTZFUS – died May 2. He was a modest, but familiar
figure at the annual ‘Old Thresherman’s Reunion at Kinzer,
Pa.’ Here he was always in the forefront, ready to lend a hand
wherever help was needed during the show, as long as his health
permitted. A retired farmer and thresherman, he spent his
retirement in the weaving of carpet.

Courtesy of W. J. Eshleman, 722 East End Ave., Lancaster,
Pennsylvania 17602

ALLEN A. TREGO, born 1889, died 1972. Al was a retired Santa Fe
engineer who had over 40 years service with the railroad. He was
also the owner of several traction engines. In his early years of
threshing he owned Garr-Scott engines which he quit using in the
early 30s. In the 1950s he used to show a beautifully restored 20
HP Advance. Al was always ready to help on any steam engine at any
time and his good advice and many stories of old times are greatly

Courtesy of John R. Younkman, North Newton, Kansas 67117

SAMUEL R. (TED) Kirkendall, 68, of Route 3, Cass Twp., Shelby,
Ohio died recently in Shelby Memorial Hospital following a short
illness. He had been a thresher and had operated a cider press and
sawmill. He was a road supervisor for Cass Township for 21

Sent in by his lifetime buddie, Verl Malone, R.D.3, Shelby, Ohio

FRANK B. SWEIGART, 79, of 20 W. Stiegel St., Manheim, Pa. died
recently at Lancaster General Hospital after 1 years of illness. He
was a retired thresherman and a member of the Rough and Tumble
Engineers of Kinzer.

Sent in by Walter H. Den, 230 W. Main Street, Mount Joy,
Pennsylvania 17552

JASON M. CLINE, 78, of Oak Grove, Jackson County, Missouri died
March 5, 1973. All his life he had been interested in steam
engines, and a long time subscriber to the ALBUM. He enjoyed
attending old time threshing bees and steam engine shows in many
states. He was always interested in his friends and ready to help
them with their projects.

Sent in by Haston L. St. Clair, Box 140 A, R.R.I, Holden,
Missouri 64040

FRED C. BOLLIG of Mazomanie, Wisconsin died February 21, 1973 at
the age of 80 years. For many years he was an engineer on a 20-60
Case steamer, threshing, silo filling, shredding and sawing

Sent in by Herbert A. Bollig (son), Route 2, Cross Plains,

EDMOND T. CURRANS, president and general manager of Western
Antique Power, Inc. passed away April 2, 1973, in Salem (Oregon)
General Hospital following a coronary seizure. He was 68. He worked
as farm and industrial machinery salesman-mechanic for several
companies here on the west coast and was an authority on old
tractor restoration and operation. A Western Steam Friend’s
Assocation member for many years, he was owner of a nice Case 50
steam tractor and several old gas tractors. He was master mechanic
at Western Antique Power at the time of his death.

Submitted by Rodney M. Pitts, Box 9130, Brooks, Oregon 97305

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