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JOSEPH F. SELLY, 81, of rural St. Peter died March 1,1989. Joe
had been an active member of Scott-Carver Threshers near Jordan,
Minnesota, for about the last twenty years.

Joe is survived by his wife, Eileen, and his two sons, Franklin
and Frederick, and his brother, Peter.

Joe’s favorite pastime was operating his 1915 Advance steam
engine. Joe served on the Scott-Carver Board of Directors for years
and will be sadly missed by all.

Submitted by Ken & Dee Scott, Box 317, Mound, Minnesota

HERMAN PICKENS, 76, of Logansport, Indiana passed away March 23,

He retired in 1974 from Logansport Machine Company after 34
years of service. He also was a retired farmer. Herman was a
life-member of the Battle Ground Historical Corporation, Fulton
County Historical Society and Tippecanoe Historical

At one time, he owned and operated a 1923 23-90 Baker steam
engine. Herman loved to go to steam shows and antique auctions.

A good friend was lost when Herman passed away.

Submitted by c R 4, Box 40A, Logansport, Indiana

‘It is very hard to write a few short lines about a man
whose life was filled with such ambition and enjoyment as BOB
HUGHES, Blooming-ton, Indiana, but I would like for all the readers
to get a small understanding of the man we all lost on February 23,

‘Little did Bob know, as a child, the tools and machinery he
and his family made a living with later would become his toys and
hobby. Working as a machinist and mechanic for Bloomington
Limestone for over 40 years, he had the skill and knowledge to
restore old tractors and steam engines to immaculate condition,
starting with a scale Keck-Gonnerman steam engine. Many times
before his retirement in 1978, you could find him in his shop
working (playing) until 10:30 or 11:00 p.m.

‘A member and director of the Pioneer Engineers Club of
Rushville, Indiana, for over 25 years, Bob and wife, Margie Perry,
spent many days traveling southern Indiana and surrounding states
looking for everything from steam engines, old tractors, shingle
mills, to even an old bevel siding saw. He said so many times, of
all the old machinery he had, he was the proudest of his 1924, 19
HP Keck-Gonnerman steam engine, which always looked like it had
just come off a showroom floor.

‘Many people came from miles around, not only to visit, but
to have questions answered, and even work done on their old
tractors, steam engines, etc. He was known as ‘the steam engine
doctor’ and often made house calls. He was featured in the Iron
Men Album as the ‘Iron Man of the Month’ in the November/
December 1973 issue.

He could sit and tell stories about the ‘good ole days’
that would even keep a small child content. Yet, with a life so
full of vigor and enthusiasm, he still had the time and love for
his family. The whole family was deeply touched when over 500
people attended his funeral services. What a man! Gone, but not

Written by Steve Barnes, Grandson, 1550 South Maxwell St.,
Bloomington, Indiana 47401. Submitted by Marjorie Ross, Treasurer,
Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana, P.O. Box 44, Paragon, Indiana
46166. Phone 317-537-2367.

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