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DAVE BOWMAN, 69, of Greenwood, Indiana, died unexpectedly on
March 25, 1990. He was a steam engine enthusiast for many years and
housed his engines on his place of business on Highway #31,
Whiteland, Indiana, where he would fire them up at different times
and watch the people who drove by wonder at the sight. Over the
years he had owned a Case engine, two Baker engines, and a
Keck-Gonnerman, which he had just recently sold.

Dave was an active member of the Pioneer Engineers Club of
Indiana, Inc., at Rushville. Always there the week before the show
to help clean the grounds, he delighted in exhibiting his own
engine at the show. He loved his engines and collected parts and
whistles for them from all over. Traveling the steam engine circuit
every summer, he did not miss many shows of the midwest states. He
loved visiting with his fellow club members and steam enthusiasts
at all the shows.

He is survived by his son, Dick, of Bargersville. He was a first
rate gentleman, and will be greatly missed by his many friends

Submitted by Marjorie Ross, Treas. Pioneer Engineers Club of
Indiana, Inc. P.O. Box #44, Paragon, Indiana 46166.

EARL HAMILTON, born December 14, 1904, entered into the
‘land of the Golden Whistles’ on February 27, 1990. He is
survived by his wife, Grace, whom he married in 1940, four
daughters, six grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren and many

He was a member of several steam clubs including Hookstown,
Stumpt00own, Beaver Valley, National Pike and others. Earl still
owned his father’s 40 HP Case which he used to operate the
sawmill, a scale Case which he handmade, a railroad with mile of
track and a Porter ‘Dinky’ locomotive which he used for his
scenic railroad. People would come from a great distance to ride
the ‘Hamilton Scenic Railroad.’

He operated the steam shovels at most of the shows that featured
a steam shovel. After having the boiler replaced, the Erie B that
Earl owned was run at the 1987 and 1988 whistle blows.

Earl was a gentleman and was never in too big of a hurry to talk
to anyone. He will be sadly missed by his family and his many

RAY E. COVAULT from Fletcher, Ohio passed away on March 9, 1990.
Born on January 26, 1913, and is survived by his wife Anna, whom he
married in 1935, three daughters, nine grandchildren, 16
great-grandchildren, two step grandchildren and two sisters.

Ray was a member of the Stumptown Steam Threshers and a charter
member of the Poor Farmers Campgrounds Club and several other steam
clubs. Ray was a tireless worker at the Stumptown Show where he
spent over a week each year helping with the show.

Several years ago, Ray took pictures and measurements of a 24 HP
Greyhound, like his father owned, and built a scale model which he
showed at several steam shows. Later he built a ?scale model

Ray will be sadly missed by his family and many friends.

Both of the above notices were submitted by William Flowers,
Sec. Stumptown Steam Threshers, Rt 1, Box 332, Adena, Ohio

WAYNE KEMLER, 83, of rural Alma, Michigan, died December 31,
1989 after a lingering illness.

He is survived by his wife, Dorothy; four sons, Richard, David,
Dale and John; a sister, Mrs. John Delavan, and a number of

Wayne was born June 6, 1906 in Quincey, Michigan.

He farmed all of his working years in the Alma area. He loved
farming with horses, and immensely appreciated nature, spending
many enjoyable hours walking through his wood lots.

Wayne began collecting steam engines and antique threshing
equipment during World War II. He had the foresight to acquire the
Port Huron blueprints, patterns, and an assortment of tools and
parts a treasure indeed!

Wayne loved to thresh with steam, and held numerous steam
threshing exhibitions on the family farm.

Wayne valued highly his association with the First Church of God
in Alma.

His memory will long be treasured in our midst.

Respectfully submitted by a friend and fellow steam
hobbyist, Elmer G. Bickel, 2224 Taft Street, Saginaw, Michigan

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