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LYLE W. SMITH, 65 passed away at his home November 19,1985 after
a long bout with cancer. He retired from General Motors New
Departure Hyatt Division, Sandusky, Ohio February 1, 1982.

Lyle had a loving passion for steam engines and saw mills. He
owned several stationary and traction engines as well as saw

Mr. Smith’s love for steam goes back to when he was a young
boy and helped his grandfather and father Lloyd F. Smith with their
threshing saw rig around the Collins area.

In 1979 Lyle and the late Clyde F. (Mac) Mc Callister sawed the
siding for a century old barn that was erected on the Huron County
Fair Grounds Heritage Area in Norwalk, Ohio.

Mr. Smith enjoyed going to several steam conventions yearly.
Once steam is in your blood it’s there for good. He will be
sadly missed by many friends and family.

Submitted by his loving wife Dorothy.

DENNIS E. AMES, age 52, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, died of an
apparent heart attack while at work December 20, 1985

Denny was an active member of the Scott-Carver Old Threshers at
Jordan, Minnesota, and a nephew of Ermin Morrell, the founder of
the Scott-Carver Steam and Gas Engine Festival.

After Ermie’s death, Denny became the proud and happy owner
of Ermie’s 1895 Advance steam engine that he exhibited each
year at the Threshers’ Festival.

Denny is sadly missed by his wife Imogene, his daughters Cheryl
and Mary, his son Gary, his brother Kent, and all the Scott-Carver
Threshers. Denny was the kind of guy who had a kind word and big
smile for everyone.

Submitted by Dee Scott, Box 317, Mound, MN 55364.

CHARLES S. PENCE, age 57, of Bonnieville, Kentucky died Friday,
November 29, 1985 at Hardin Memorial Hospital, Elizabethtown, after
a short illness. He was born in Hart County, Kentucky December 11,
1927. He was a member of the Bonnieville Baptist Chuch and the
Bonnieville Masonic Lodge No. 851.

Charlie started firing for his father, Mr. Jim Pence, who ran a
sawmill in Hart County for many years. His father’s last steam
engine to power the mill was a 50 HP Case. Charlie’s love and
knowledge of the steam engine continued to grow. Over the years he
owned several steam traction engines, including a 9 HP Case and a
40 HP Case. He was also employed by the Louisville & Nashville
Railroad for a while.

In 1958 he helped organize and became president of the Old
Southern Steam Engineers of Kentucky which held their annual steam
show in Bonnieville for several years.

At the time of his death he was self-employed, doing custom
sawing and dozer work.

Charlie was a true steam man and loyal friend. He will be
greatly missed by scores of friends.

Submitted by a friend, Thomas G. Lee, Route 3, Box 61,
Calhoun, KY 42327.

Arthur Bickel of Virden, Illinois, passed away on December
17,1985. He was a member and active participant of the Midwest Old
Settlers and Threshers Association of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and of
the Prairie Land Heritage Museum of South Jacksonville, Illinois.
He had entertained many years with various musicians playing his
‘Rhythm Stick’ at steam shows throughout Illinois, Iowa,
and Missouri. He received an Old Thresherman award from Midwest Old
Threshers at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, in 1985.

He is survived by his wife of 65 years, Esther Bickel of Virden,
Illinois; one daughter, Mrs. Paul (June) Hall of Chatham, Illinois;
four grand children Herschel Hall of Overland, Missouri, Michael
Hall of Chatham, Illinois, Mrs. Shirley Nicoll of Springfield,
Illinois, Philip Hall of Nil wood, Illinois and seven great

Submitted by his grandson, Herschel E. Hall, 2540 Woodson
Rd., Overland, Missouri 63114.

In our January-February issue, we printed news of the passing of
LEVI WOODRUFF HUFF on the Golden Roll. We incorrectly stated that
the information had been submitted by his daughter, Lynn. The
information was in fact submitted by his son Lynn, we apologize for
our error.

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