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HAROLD T. PARISH, JR. ‘BUD’ (as printed by Laurel D.
Runals, Route 4, LaGrange, Ohio) Farmer dead in Tractor upset! It
started out to be just another normal day at the Parish home at
Madison Center, Michigan June 14, 1965. Harold T. Parish, Jr. a
farmer, died at 10:30 A.M. He was 26. The tractor he was operating
tipped over, pinning him to the ground at the neck. Cororner Edward
Brown pronounced Mr. Parish dead at the scene. Mr. Parish is
survived by his wife, Marie, 22 and a son. His father, Harold T.
Parish, Sr., a big husky, quick thinking able-bodied man, removed
parts from the tractor in order to free his son, but his efforts
were hopeless until more help could be summoned I to the scene to
remove the tractor from the body. Harold Parish and his father were
very close – I mean to say they worked well together and got a lot
accomplished in a day. In 1957, he was associated with his father
in the Parish Grain and Elevator at Madison Center. He was a member
of all the Masonic Bodies, and a lifetime member of the National
Threshers Assn. Things were not the same this year at the NTA
Reunion as the smoke rose from the huge steam engines high above
the grand stand – knowing a cheerful little engineer who always
greeted you with a smile wouldn’t be there. I’m sure anyone
knowing him as I did, have not only lost a very dear friend, but
one who was always willing to do a little more than his share to
make things more pleasant for everyone concerned.

JOHN STEPHEN of 1000 South 36th St., Terre Haute, Indiana died
Nov. 1, 1965 at the age of 60. He was a Pennsylvania engineer. He
is survived by his wife. He was a steam fan and attended steam
shows in Iowa, Illinois and Indiana. Rev. Harry H. Howell, a
Pennsylvania locomotive engineer officiated.

ALBERT J. AHLERS of  72 Home Ave., Terre Haute, Indiana
died November 15, 1965 at the age of 82. He was a retired
Pennsylvania locomotive engineer. He worked for the R. R. for 35
years. He is survived by his wife Hazel and a daughter, Katherine
and a son, Albert, Jr. Rev. Harry H. Howell, a Pennsylvania
locomotive engineer officiated. Mr. Ahlers attended shows in Iowa,
Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Ohio. (Sent in by Rex Johnson, 4017
Park Ave., North Terre Haute, Indiana 47805.)

ALLEN G. WEIDMAN, 75, of R. D. 3, Wooster, Ohio died January 10
at his home after a period of poor health. He was a fanner and a
thresher for more than 25 years and held a stationary
engineer’s license for the past 56 years. He had operated the
first electric light plant in Orrville. He is survived by his wife,
three sons. 10 grandchildren and a brother.

To the Beautiful Memory of WALTER LAURANCE FRASE he passed away
on January 4, 1966 at the St. Joseph Hospital, Hartford, Wisconsin
at the age of 76 years. He was born in Erin township, Washington
County, Wisconsin in 1889 and spent most of his entire lifetime
farming, threshing, sawmilling. He had such engines as return and
direct flue Minneapolis, Nichols & Shepard, Russell, Port Huron
and Reeves. Threshers were Case, Avery, Rumely, Peerless and Case.
Also, A. W. Stevens 10 roll corn shredder No. 6 and No. 8 Birdsall
Hullers. His most outstanding rig was a 20 hp Minneapolis Canadian
Type Engine and 32-54 Avery Separator. He is survived by his wife,
Threase and one son, Laurance and daughter-in-law and 7
grandchildren and one brother, Arthur. Sent in by Arthur J. Frase,
R. R. 1, Reeseville, Wisconsin.

OMER BROWN, formerly of Markleville, Indiana, passed away on
January 4, 1966. Omer was a good engineer and had run one of my
engines for several years at the steam shows. He also was one of
your loyal subscribers. Omer was kind, congenial and I seriously
doubt if he had one enemy, for he was an all around good fellow. I
know he will be missed by all who knew him. Sent in by Davis
Sullivan, Markleville, Indiana.

SAMUEL K. STILLINGS, 83, died October 14, 1965 due to a heart
attack. He was born March 22, 1882 in a sod house about 14 miles
south of Valley City, North Dakota. He was probably one of the
first to plow with a steam engine in North Dakota. He was a real
steam enthusiast and enjoyed attending the Mt. Pleasant reunion as
well as other threshing bees in neighboring areas. He was an auto
mechanic in Madelia, Minnesota from 1922 until retiring in

EDDIE A. REISNER, age 54 of Rose Hill, Illinois died Tuesday,
February 22, 1966. He leaves his widow, Ruby and a son Kenneth,
Hidalgo, daughter Mrs. Dorothy Grass and mother and 6
grandchildren. Eddie was an active member of the Steam Engine
Reunions for years. The Huber was a favorite with him as his dad
had owned several. He will be sadly missed by his family and many
friends. Courtesy of M. W. Tichener, Charleston, Illinois.

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