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HOLLIS CORTELYOU passed away June 6, 1971 at Higgins, Texas.
Mrs. Hollis Cortelyou, his wife, passed away May 6, 1971 at
Higgins, Texas. Hollis has had several good articles in the
Iron-Men Magazine. He was a real steam man. He threshed several
years around Caldwell, Kansas and Renfrow, Oklahoma. Final resting
place was Caldwell, Kansas Cemetery.

Submitted by Frank Arterburn, Renfrow, Oklahoma 73767.

RICHARD D. BEENEY: It is with much regret that I’m writing
to ask that you print Dick’s name in your Golden Roll. He was
one of your greatest fans. He belonged to all the steam clubs here
in Central Ohio plus the Tri-State in Portland, Indiana. We took
part in some of the shows and Dick became ill at Walls in Wooster,
Ohio on May 23. Soon he went into the hospital and after a two
month’s period came home on July 22 for his 55th birthday then
passed away five days later, a victim of cancer. He served with the
combat engineers in Europe during World War II. Survived by wife
and two daughters at home.

Submitted by Mrs. Richard D. Beeney, Rt. 3, Box 56, Richwood,
Ohio 43344.

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