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E. E. ‘Pat’ TRENARY passed away March 28 at the age of
81 at St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.

He grew up at Clinton and came to Trenton in 1939 where he
operated rock quarries for 40 years. He also operated a sand plant
on the Thompson fork of Grand River for ten years.

After retirement, he spent his time collecting and restoring
steam engines and gas tractors.

He will be missed by his many friends at the shows.

He owned eight steam engines and several gas tractors at the
time of his death.

Submitted by Mark Eckert, Box 184, Chillicothe,

JAMES K. DAWSON died March 21st at his home. Jim was an active
farmer until the time of his death on the family farm five miles
South of Belt. He was a licensed steam engineer. He started to run
steam engines in 1917. His first experience was a Russell outfit a
Company owned outfit with his family part owners. This first outfit
was later traded for a larger outfit.

Jim was engineer for Walter Mehmke for several years both
threshing and plowing with 110 Case. He also helped with the
threshing bees.

Jim had worked as a boiler fireman at the Hughesville Mines; he
also held a private airplane license.

Submitted by Elmer W. Gray, P.O. Box 171, Belt, Montana

RUSSELL H. WISE, 69, of Freelton, Ontario, passed away November
30, 1982. Through the years he had collected various John Deere and
Case cross motor tractors, Rumelys and Waterloo steam engines.
Russell had participated in numerous antique shows within Ontario
in addition to extensively traveling in Western Canada where he
visited many shows as well as making personal contacts with a great
number of antique collectors.

Submitted by Murray Wise, Champaign, Illinois.

WALTER D. (Walt) LAMBERT, 76, Troy, Ohio died June 15,1983 in
Good Samaritan Hospital, Dayton, Ohio. During the late 20’s and
early 30’s he did custom threshing work in Miami County in
partnership with his brothers-in-law. He also owned Troy Implement
Company after World War II.

He was active in the Darke County Steam Threshers Association,
showing his 23-90 Baker at their show in Greenville, Ohio and also
using it in parades in and around Troy, Ohio.

Ill health forced the sale of his engine in 1980 but he still
looked forward to visiting all the area shows.

Submitted by James T. Martino, 4713 Booth Rd., Oxford, Ohio

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