By Staff

JAMES R. PRITCHARD, 3500 Old Greensboro Road, Chapel Hill, North
Carolina, passed away September 10, 1993, at age 66, after a bout
with pneumonia.

I first met Jim in 1973, when we were organizing The Old Time
Historical Association and planning a steam show. Over the years we
became the best of friends.

Jim volunteered to help with the steam show and help he did! An
electrical engineer by trade and a lover of old iron by hobby, he
had the unique ability to take any task and bring it to a
successful conclusion. Jim was always willing to lend a helping
hand, cheerfully, wherever needed. He gave of himself and financial
aid to many worthy causes during his full and productive life.

Jim loved airplanes, not just any airplanes, but experimental
and unusual aircraft. He had many friends among the top people in
this segment of the aircraft industry.

Above all, Jim loved people, and in his extensive travels he
made many, many friends all over the world. We are going to miss
his words of encouragement, his helping hand and his wonderful
friendship, but we are better for having known Jim Pritchard for a
little while.

Submitted by James S. Ferree, P.O. Box 220, Climax, North
Carolina 27233.

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