Mrs. Hampsmire is the wife of a steam engine man and she says
she is naturally interested in engines and Reunions. I have a close
feeling for them she adds. Other steam engine lovers have
encouraged her to write a poem about the engines, so here it is.
This poem appeared in the January issue of ‘Steam Engines’.
It apparently was sent to both publications.


By MRS. SYLVIA HAMPSMIRE, 1865 West Division, Decatur,

Come fellows, come one, come all,
Bring your steam engines both large and small,
There’s a lot of work to be done,
From early morning ’till set of sun.

Some folks call it play, but be what it may
Threshing is a hot job on a summer day.
Separators, tractors, models and all,
Are ever ready to answer a call.

Engines parading around the track one by one,
Is a beautiful sight and a lot of fun.
How1 the engineer likes to blow his whistle when introduced,
And proudly looks at the crowd that cheers and boosts.

The Reeves, Rumely, and Advance are liked by some,
And at a show are always kept on the hum.
The Russell, the Jumbo, the Avery and the Baker
Are certainly each a blue ribbon taker.

There is the ever popular Case and Keck,
And, Oh yes, there is the Minnie, by Heck!
The Nichols and Shepard and the Aultman-Taylor,
Are as strong and sturdy as a U.S. Sailor.

Eve catchers are Gaar Scott, Geiser, and George White,
To eliminate these, inspectors are in for a fight.
Port Huron, Goodison, Kitten, Buffalo Pitts and Frick,
When under full steam, run as slick as a chick.

Huber, Wood Bros., New Giant, and Greyhound,
When pulling in the belt, what a wonderful sound!
And then there is another engine called the Peerless
Which is fearless, queerless, rearless, and I think gearless!

There are some engines I do not know or can’t recall,
Forgive me fellows, for not mentioning them all.
Likewise separators, tractors, models and even the old car,
That are brought to the reunions from near and far.

The steam, engine ladies with their bonnets and frills
Do their share to furnish a lot of the thrills.
With good food a-plenty, their jokes and their fun
Will cheer the crowd ’till each day is done.

Joy, excitement, pleasure, sunshine and night chills,
Are all a part of a reunion-even the bills.
But when it is all over, and no engines we hear,
We’ll all count the days ’till this time next year.

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