We feel we have a treat here for you. Mrs. Alfred E. Baber of R.
D. 2, Brandon, Wisconsin, has consented to give us an article each
issue on ‘Country Echoes’. Mrs. Baber is a busy housewife
and has a steam engine in her yard. She is the author of the
‘Illusion’ poem on this page in the Nov.-Dec, 1958 issue.
Elmer and I give her a hearty welcome as a regular contributor. We
know you will enjoy and be inspired by what she has to say 

Country Echoes

By MAE BABER, R. D. 2, Brandon, Wisconsin

ONE OF THE CONSTANTLY enduring joys of living in the wide open
spaces is an unbroken horizon as the sun in its glory breaks the
hush of early morning. Somehow, there comes the courage and hope
that is needed for a new day. Archibald Rutledge brings out this
thought in his writing, (quote) ‘Neither a day dawning nor a
sunset (with all its attendant beauty) is really a necessity. It is
one of life’s extras. It is a visit to an incomparable art
gallery; and no one has to pay an admission fee!’ (unquote)

How solemnly true the fact that the best things in life are
free; yet how little we avail ourselves of these best things. Have
you ever considered how often we fail to take advantage of watching
a sunrise or a sunset when many, many clear days they are there for
our inspiration and our enjoyment. We let slip away the opportunity
too frequently to do some pleasurable task that might have
far-reaching consequences. We fill so much of our time doing tasks
that will have to be redone again another day.

One spring day, possibly five years ago, we gathered a pail-full
of maple seeds and took then to the greening woods, scattered them
her and there in thinning patches of timber, tossing up the
protective coating of leaves that the eager seeds might have the
necessary moisture and covering to fulfill their destiny.

Another man had done this same thing years before and there as
mute evidence of a deed well done stood sturdy young maple trees
heralding the coming of another growing season Their green boughs
seemed to tell all the world about them, ‘Here is the promise
again renewed. While the earth romaine the seedtime and harvest,
and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall
not cease.’ Gen. 8:2. If everyone planted one tree this spring
The birds would be happier as they sing; And the housing problem,
it’s very true Would be solved for both the birds and you.

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