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The ‘Hobby Show’ staged by the Ladies of the Central
States Thresher Reunion, is an annual affair. Although we are not
organized, a chairwoman is appointed and committees named, and all
work together. This past show being the seventh exhibit year

Some of the highlights of the exhibit were, ‘Things to
Remember’; ‘The Old Fashioned Kitchen’; this proved to
be quite an attraction. The Venus two-plate wood burning stove was
furnished by Mrs. Ralph Fisher of Assumption, Illinois. The dry
sink and glass front cupboard was furnished by Bud Wink, Fairbury,
Illinois. The heirloom rocker by Mrs. William Altmas, Benson,
Illinois; antique drop leaf table by Mrs. Dan Zehr, Pontiac,
Illinois. The small accessories by several other members.

The Ladies Bazaar was in charge of Mrs. Jean Reed and Mrs.
Bernice Kinzinger. Hobbies exhibited were, ‘Little Swiss Toy
Shop’ by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kipfer. ‘Hand Painted
Pictures,’ Mrs. Harvey Gallup, Sr. ‘African Violets’ by
Mrs. Verna Thomas and Mrs. Bertha Blackburn. ‘Towel
Novelties’ by Mrs. Myrtle Collins. ‘Salt and Peper
Shakers’ by Mrs. Fred Haszler. ‘Fancy Work’ Mrs.
Huffman, Mrs. Violet Chapman, Mrs. Mildred Vercher, Mrs. Sophia
Schott. Mrs. Gordon Collins was on hand with her Rug Loom, she was
busy demonstrating and making rugs each day. The Antique building
was open each day with Miss Dorothy Atkinson of Polo, Illinois, in

The Ladies of the Central States Thresher Reunion 1957. Left to
right, front row: Mrs. Amos Post, Lewistown, Illinois; Mrs. Dan
Zehr, Pontiac, Illinois; Mrs. J. D. Roberts, McLean, Illinois; Mrs.
Milford Rees, Franklin, Illinois; Mrs Ernest Cox, Lafayette,
Indiana. Left to right, second row: Mrs. Ray Ernst, Wayland, Iowa;
Mrs. George Foos, Elwood, Illinois; Mr Robert Kipfer, Pontiac,
Illinois; Mrs. Victor Brendt, Sandusky, Illinois. Third row, left
to right: Mrs. L. V. Kinzinger, Carlock, Illinois; Mrs. Robert
Kipfer, Pontiac, Illinois; Mrs. Wilbur Collins, Pontiac, Illinois;
Miss Jean Roberts, McClean, Illinois

The first day we had the pleasure of having the Governor and
Mrs. Stratton visit our Show. Sixteen girls from Holland, Michigan,
were here three days to do the Wooden Shoe Dances. The Ladies also
have a register which proves to be quite interesting, to meet,
greet and visit with your friends. Friendships old, and friendships
new, are never hard to choose, an idea here, a recipe there, and
how the children grew, a fond goodbye until Reunion time next

MRS. MYRTLE COLLINS, Chairwoman Pontiac, Illinois

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