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A Psalm of Thanksgiving in the May-June issue may seem a bit
incongruous. It is a Psalm of Thanksgiving accompanied by an aching
back and a head full of house dust. I can scarcely believe it has

Fifty-five years on one farm is tallying up to a grand total. I
was born on this farm, left it for a few years when first married,
then went back there. One seeks to evaluate all these years on
departure and tie them up in one large package, knowing full-well
that the fragments will scatter as long as life lasts. But I find
myself amazed at how easily I can let go. God gave us this new
house and I want to share with you how marvelously He worked it out
all the way.

It was the latter part of August of ’69. Mr. B and I had
been making the rounds for some time, looking at houses. The only
ones available were ones we didn’t really like in places we
didn’t want to live. To put Mr. B in town would be courting
unhappiness. We are country born and country bred. We have both
grown up on Country Trunk M and I am now writing a hopeful book on
the year of retirement which claims for its title Country Trunk M.
‘Sort of a Route 66 thing, only quite different in content.
There was one house on MM toward town which we really considered. M
forks off into MM about two miles south. We went back for a second
look. But before the third look, it was sold.

Now we have an old set of buildings on the farm which we always
refer to as DOWN BELOW. There is a house down there which was
reasonably livable forty years ago. We would come back from our
house hunting adventures and remark, ‘Well, we can always go
DOWN BELOW, you know.’ But our hearts weren’t in it.
Mosquitoes would eat us alive in the summer (swamp and woods),
half-mile driveway road is no joke in the winter.

Time was running out. Dan, our farmer, was getting married the
end of December. In the latter part of August I added this prayer
to those which we had presented before. ‘Dear Lord we need a
roof over our heads the right place to retire. I’m not too
proud, Lord, to live DOWN BELOW (somehow it makes me imagine
something else) but it just doesn’t make sense. Please show us
what to do because we don’t know. And Thank You, Lord, for the
answer we will have.’

If God had a busy schedule that day He took time out to send the
answer nevertheless. It came next morning. Mr. B was working on the
farm land we rent from some old neighbors. Frank came out to see
him as he was about his labor. He made this unexpected remark,
‘You know, Alfred, we have been thinking of selling off some
frontage just south of our house. We would love to have you and Mae
for neighbors if you’d care to buy it.’

Mr. B was excited at the prospect, I know, for he presented me
with the proposition that same forenoon. We looked at each other
and agreement shone in our eyes. THIS was it.

Within a week the deal was well under way. On Labor Day we had a
groundbreaking ceremony. Frank and his daughter Alva joined us and
we had prayer together, after which Frank came out with a hearty
AMEN. It was so right so marvelously right.

In early October excavating began. Now on March 1st we are
living here. God’s hand was directing. Our young couple lived
with us for seven weeks and all worked beautifully. But I shall
always remember the sage words of my father, ‘Relatives should
not be able to see one another’s chimneys smoke.’

The ideal part of this place is that it is only one half mile
from the farm yet around the bend in the road. We can’t see
what they are doing nor can they see our comings and goings. The
setting and view is lovely and we have wonderful neighbors. Alva
came over with three blossoming African Violet plants and seven
freshly potted new ones. I had the empty pots she did the work.

So I can only conclude by saying GOD IS SURELY NOT DEAD nor is
love, in our world. In spite of some misguided punks trying to
uproot everything we have helped to build, God can save both our
souls and our nation. We have just seen God work in this small
matter. Pray with us for our land. He can work any miracle.

How we would love to hear from you, by the hundreds, saying you
will join us in prayer operation ‘IRON MEN ALBUM.’ Thank
you for the answer. So long now I know we can work up a good head
of steam for we have the TOP ENGINEER at the head of the crew.

Now if I can find my typing paper to type this off, an envelope,
some stamps, I will send this off.

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