The Old Days

417 Brown Rd. Mayville, Mich. 48744

‘Progress’ has come to our wonderful land
Many great things which we can’t under stand!
There are missiles, machinery and medicines, too
We do many times over what Grandpa could do.
But I wonder if, in our progressive days,
We’ve not crowded out very worthwhile ways.
 For instance what’s happened, I’d like to
To the neighborly visits and ‘sings’ long ago?
Where are the socials with ice cream and pies
The May Baskets set with delight and surprise?
And with the passing of the faithful old. horse
Hayrides and sleighrides are gone, too, of course!
‘You can’t make friends with a tractor’, it’s
‘You don’t go around and pat its fine head!
‘ Yes, it does its work faster and easier, too,
But you miss the bond between Old Bess and you.
A thing of the past is the old Threshing Day
With the steam engine huffing and puffing away
With tables piled high with food for the crew,
(And piled high, too, with the dishes to do!)
The straw stack and hay stack have gone long ago
And the day of the old kitchen range, too, you know.
 So much now is past that once made our land,
And changes take place which we can’t understand.
‘Machines make work easy’, we’re told, and it’s
true. . .
 But sometimes I miss those old days. . .Now don’t

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