The O’Toole Brothers Monument Works

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Photo 3. The bridge on the road to the cemetery was shored up in order to hold the weight of the steam engine and stones.
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Photo 2. A crowd developed to see the large pieces of the monument start their way to the cemetery.
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Photo 4. Erection site for the three Patterson monuments. Note the steam engine in the background.

29 W. High Street, St. Marys, Ohio 45885

Photo 1. James P. O’Toole shown in front of steam engine at
the O’Toole Brothers Monument Works, Liberty, Indiana. Frank
Perkins at the controls of the steam engine.

In the early 1920s the O’Toole Brothers Monument Works,
located in Liberty, Indiana, erected three large monuments at a
cemetery near Liberty. The Patterson family employed the
O’Toole Brothers to place the three stones in the cemetery.

The series of photos shows the work involved in hauling the
pieces of stone and erecting the monument. A steam engine, owned
and operated by Frank Perkins, was used to pull the many pieces of
stone to the site.

The photos and information were provided by Steven T.
O’Toole, grandson of James P. O’Toole, one of the original
owners. Steven is the current owner and operator of the O’Toole
Brothers Monument Works. The showroom remains much the same as when
it was constructed in 1914 and continues to serve as a monument

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