The Peacock Show

Tulsa, Oklahoma

I just returned from the Peacock Show at Fulton, Missouri, and I
would like for you to have some of the details of (in my opinion) a
very fine show.

Mr. Ed Rixmann flew up from Oklahoma City, and was the M.C. for
the entire show — and this is one of the reasons for the success
of the show. He did a beautiful job and had the following
activities going on at the same time: Saw Milling; Threshing; Hill
Climbing; and Tug of War with a very large crowd at each of these.
For the next 30 minutes he had: Fan Test (RPM); Prony Brake; Teeter
Totter; and Pyramid.

For the next hour, Mr. Nat Lang was there with his beautiful
undermount model and at least 100 kids participated in a tug of
war. Also, the same engine outpulled the W-9 rubber-tired tractor
and so did the 50 Case. They couldn’t keep the W-9 on the
ground due to the bounce of the rubber tires.

Then we had a crawler type tractor (about 11,000lbs.) hooked to
a 20 HP Advance. This proved to be more or less of a tie until the
Advance was on solid ground, then it did drag the tractor for a
short distance. We had my 32 HP Reeves hooked up to the D-7
Caterpillar equipped with front dozer blade, and the 32 HP Reeves
not only could, but did drag the crawler with his tracks

For the belt horsepower test, we turned the needle with the 32
HP Reeves and, according to Mr. Fair-child who owns the hydraulic
Dynamometer, it was actually putting out approximately 120 HP.

This show was certainly a success. We had a very fine group of
engineers from six or eight states and I believe we had from eight
to ten thousand people for the three days. Mr. Peacock had fifteen
engines participating in the parade and several other very fine
models as well as Ray’s toy Reeves, which was also pulling a
miniature fan.

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