The Pumper That Could

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Wichita fire pumper at Ternings Show.
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RR3, Box 184 Valley Center, KS 67147

The steam powered fire pumper did indeed show that it could come
back once again to show everyone it was not just a piece of old
equipment that should be placed back into a corner.

The pumper was bought in the late 1890’s and was in
operation until the early 1930’s. Many spectators at the 1985
Ternings Steam Show last Labor Day weekend remembered the pumper in
operation in Wichita. When the pumper was in use, a small coal fire
burned under the boiler all the time. Once the pumper was called to
a fire, a firefighter would ride on the back of the wagon as it
rolled through the streets and feed coal to the fire to build
pressure in the boiler. As it was pumping water back into the pond
the fine mist offered a pleasant relief to bystanders. It was
indeed a pretty sight.

Many new exhibits and exhibitors were present at the show. New
exhibits are being planned for the Ternings 1986 show. See you in
Valley Center, Kansas next Labor Day weekend.

Don Blecha of Wichita showing Brandon Laughlin some of the finer
points of Don’s 1914 Nichols and Shepard that was once owned by
his grandfather.

Quentin Base (on ground) adjusting his Yellow Fellow while son
Gary pitches bundles. Red River Special owner and operator is Joe
Harper. All three are from Sedgewick.

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