Route 2, Box 332 Adena, OH 43901

The Stumptown Steam threshers Reunion was again blessed with
favorable weather and a good crowd in attendance for both days. The
show was opened with prayer by Lester Nabb and and the playing of
the National Anthem.

Daily activities began with Doc Saffell and Crew threshing oats
with the wooden A &T thresher powered by his Peerless engine
and straw being baled with the John Deere baler powered by Arick
Conley’s John Deere B. Jim Fisher, Dave Murphy, Carl Jackowski
and crew took on a yard full of logs. The sawing was climaxed
Sunday with a huge white oak log that was too large for the saw to
reach through. The crowd enjoyed seeing this log carved up. John
McDowell had his 21-75 Baker belted to the mill for most of the
sawing with help from Joe Harrison’s 20 H.P. Russell.

An entertaining exhibit was put on by Ray Covault with his scale
model Greyhound and Gary Arnold with his scale engines, sawmill and
baler. Children received a free ride on the Arnold Family’s
Park Steam locomotive on a 30 x 80 oval track with Criss Arnold in
charge. A great effort was put forward by the Arnold family hauling
and setting up this display.

Fred Rogers, Edgar Flowers and crew were busy shelling corn and
grinding cornmeal. A Galloway gas engine powered the sheller and a
M.M. Model R tractor powered the grinder. Jed Crowe had his
Peerless portable boiler and engine hooked to the steam table to
provide steam for 22 steam models and small steam engines. Several
steamers took their turn on John McDowell’s power eater

Jim Berry was in charge of ‘Gas Engine Land’ which
featured 205 gas engines hooked to different displays or just
‘popping’ away. One exhibitor came from the state of
Kansas. Souvenir cups and plates featuring Bill Arnold’s scale
‘Goat’ engine on the plates and a J.D. Model B on the cups
were on sale in the Ladies Auxiliary building.

Noon time was announced both days by a mass blowing of whistles.
Good food was served by the New Athens Fire Dept. Auxiliary and the
Weirton Lions Club including open kettle cooked beans and corn
bread. The Ladies Auxiliary held a bazaar and sold tickets on a
quilt, pillow and crocheted angel. The quilt was won by Bernard
Ravasio of Steubenville, Ohio.

The steam engine block race and slow engine race got underway on
Saturday at one o’clock. Joe Harrison won easily in the antique
class engine race and Bill Arnold was the slowest in the scale
class over Bill Rees and Earl Hamilton. Tom Diehl won the block
race in the antique class on his brother’s Huber and Earl
Hamilton took the trophy in the scale category. Henry Niemiec, John
Graham and Dave Murphy were in charge of the races with help from
Francis Young, who forgot his straw hat which officially starts the
races. He had to drop a block of wood instead. Mel Young supplied
the time clock and was the official time keeper.

At two thirty the Ladies Auxiliary announced that Doc Saffell of
Belmont, Ohio was chosed the Thresherman of the Year and Mary
Harauk of St. Clairsvile, Ohio was chosen the Thresherman Queen.
They took their ‘Royal Ride’ on a 1922 Model T ton truck
owned by Ralph Jones of Woodsfield. All movable equipment was in
the parade held at 4 o’clock each day led by the Thresherman
and Queen followed by antique cars, steamers and gas tractors. All
exhibitors were presented a plaque. Sunday’s parade was graced
with a beautiful team of Belgium horses and wagon owned by Charles
Lucas of Belmont County.

At five thirty samples were distributed of Levi Garrett and B.R.
Scott tabacco and Hawkins and Kodiac snuff which were provided by
the Levi Garrett representative, Jim Lorch of Washington, PA. Three
ladies and nine men signed up for the contest. The first lady to
sign up was Chris Pabin of Cleveland, Ohio who received a Levi
Garrett T-shirt and spit thirteen feet. She was beat by last
year’s lady spitter, Kathy Slutes Kurucz who spit fourteen
feet. Bill Kuthy of Bemont was the first place winner in the
men’s category by spitting nineteen feet followed by Joe
Scrovic of New Athens at seventeen feet. Jim Fisher and John Graham
were in charge of the contest.

Preceding the fiddling contest, Carl Porter of Cadiz, Ohio
played his mouth organ. He is 84 years old. At 8 O’clock the
fiddling contest began under the direction of J. Kenneth Cope. In
the 60 and older class, Don Wilson of St. Clairsville, Ohio took
first prize, Floyd Warren of Cortland, Ohio took second and Bill
Burris of Shippingport, PA. was third place winner. In the under 60
class, Nobert Ebert of New Martinsville, W. Va. took first prize.
John Jefferies took second and John’s father, Dorman Jefferies
took third. After the contest a short jam session was held. On
Friday night, a Blue Grass Group from Barnesville entertained for a
couple of hours.

Sunday’s activities, began with church services led by
Marion Rogers of Scio, Ohio. Music was under the direction of Anna
Burton of Scio, Ohio and young man on his guitar. At one
o’clock p.m. Sunday, the wagon backing contest got under way
with Dick Lyle, Dave Murphy and Carl Jackowski in charge. In the
amateur category, Dennis Gossett of Lafferty, Ohio won the trophy
by completing the course in 25 seconds and Bob Murphy of Flushing,
Ohio came in second with 29 seconds. There was no official winner
in the previous winner in the previous winner category because both
contestants failed to complete the course. Since the trophy was
dated it was decided to have the contest again. Mark Lyle won over
John Miller who was over the line by of an inch.

The M. C. duties were handled by Mickey MacDonald and daughter
of Grafton, Ohio. Thelma Slutes, family and friends were in charge
of the gate. Henry Niemiec and Dan Conley were in charge of the
flea markets and John Graham was in charge of the campers.

The Stumptown officers and directors wish to thank all
exhibitors who displayed their equipment, all the workers who
helped put the show together, everyone who donated supplies, our
hauler, Glenn Krofft and his helper, Ed Lyle and anyone else who
helped make the 1984 show a success especially the spectators who
by attending the show helped finance it. We hope everyone had an
enjoyable two days.

The program was dedicated to the late Charles Harrison of Scio,
Ohio, a charter member, first vice-president and later president
for several years who passed away this summer. The sad news reached
the show Sunday morning of the passing away of Clint Metgzer of
Centerburg, Ohio who was a member of the club and who always helped
around the sawmill.

Next year’s show will be held September 7-8 1985.

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